Disney Journal No. 5, Tuesday (AKA Magic Kingdom Day!)

OK this is going to be long and picture heavy. So it will be two parts.

First, some of the “hidden mickeys” I saw throughout the Beach Club:


Bathroom wallpaper


chair pad!


resort carpeting in the hallways


more bathroom wallpaper

So Tuesday began with my normal routine: up early, lauds, breakfast, then off to the pool. That day for lunch I went back to Beaches and Cream and had a fantastic hot dog with coleslaw and fries. They did offer fruit, instead of the fries, but it was heavy on the grapefruit and cantaloupe  which I can’t eat, and don’t like.

After that I went back to the room and prepared for the MAGIC KINGDOM!!!! Our tickets were good starting at 4:00, so around 3:30 I headed down to catch the bus would would take me to the gates.

we're hereeeee!

we’re hereeeee!




Since we were also celebrating my 8th transplant anniversary, I stopped by the Town Hall and got an “I’m Celebrating” button. (This plays into several stories later on!) Then I made my way down Main Street USA. It was overcast, as you can tell from the pictures, but it wasn’t raining (yet).

Snow White window on Main Street USA

Snow White window on Main Street USA

Cinderella--I love the Duke.

Cinderella–I love the Duke.

Little Mermaid  window

Little Mermaid window

Castle from Main Street.

Castle from Main Street.

My main object was New Fantasyland, so I booked it up Main Street and headed for Fantasyland. On the way I found some great things:\

Cinderella's wishing well

Cinderella’s wishing well

Castle mosaic

Castle mosaic

Cinderella fountain

Cinderella fountain

This was in one of the shops, and yes, it changed from pink to blue.

This was in one of the shops, and yes, it changed from pink to blue.

Window display in Fantastyland

Window display in Fantastyland

I was basically grinning ear to ear a la Cheshire Cat. I was meeting my dad around 6:00 at the Gaston Fountain, so I had a bit of time, and decided to ride “Small World.” Not a whole lot ever changes in that ride, but it’s always fun. Then I rode a new ride, Mickey’s Philharmagic which I loved. It’s more of a 3D experience than a ride and was just great fun.

Theming in line for Mickey's Philharmagic

Theming in line for Mickey’s Philharmagic

love this.

love this.

After that–time to head into New Fantasyland.

Beast's Castle

Beast’s Castle

Belle's cottage

Belle’s cottage

Dopey and Doc, in front of the under-construction Dwarves' Mine Ride (opens next year)

Dopey and Doc, in front of the under-construction Dwarves’ Mine Ride (opens next year)

I was in love with the detail, the theming, everything. The soundtrack from the movie and the show of Beauty and the Beast played all over that area, which was divine.

My first stop was Gaston’s Tavern.

Gaston and LeFou play darts

Gaston and LeFou play darts



Once inside I ordered a LeFou’s brew, as well as a chocolate croissant. I had so much fun here. The LeFou’s brew definitely involved apple juice, had a great foamy top, and was wonderfully cold and slushy. And what can I say about a chocolate croissant other than c’est magnifique? 🙂

Some more examples of the great theming in the general area: 


“Hunting equipment”




Gaston and LeFou play darts

Gaston and LeFou play darts

That’s it for Part I, because Part II is going to be really awesome with lots of stories and….





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