Lovely Ladies

So I realize I haven’t given you a Les Miz update in awhile. Let’s fix that!

There are a lot of people in the show, so we’ve split the chorus into “under 25” an “over 25” groups. (You have to be at least coming into high school to be in the show, little kid parrts excepted.) So as someone in the “over 25” group, I’m in “At the End of the Day”, “Lovely Ladies”, “Look Down”, and “One Day More!” in Act I. In Act II, I’m not in much, and what I’m in has yet to be determined. The “Under 25” chorus makes up the students, so they’re in the bulk of Act II, before they all die gloriously (or not) on the barricades.

Blocking of Act I has started–we’ve gotten to “Look Down”, which is good progress. It leaves only “One Day More” as a full ensemble number left to do. We’re also starting the choreography for “Master of the House” next week.

Costuming also has begun, and praise Jesus, I have my costumes. Usually I hate costuming for shows like this because it’s hard to find one that fits someone who isn’t 18 with a size 00 waist. But this year I found a skirt and blouse that fit and aren’t hideous. We have to find our own “Lovely Lady” outfit, so I’m using a dress I bought at the local Irish Festival last year which I hope and pray will work. The dresses weren’t that skimpy–not as skimpy as they would be about 50 years later, at the end of the 19th century–but there still needs to be some skin visible (since we’re completely covered, otherwise). We’re also wearing ankle boots or other sorts of boots, not character shoes, so thank God I have a pair from Parade.

Rehearsal schedule for the week is pretty light: music rehearsals on W and Saturday, and then blocking rehearsal on Sunday, where we will hopefully tackle the Act I finale.


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