Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 19



(Note: So I started writing these on Friday. So “today/tonight” was yesterday. “Tomorrow” is today.)

OK first off–there’s a giveaway going on, kids! Go here and enter.


In all the Disney writing up (and more is coming. I haven’t even talked about EPCOT yet.), I forgot to mention some more excitement! I will be teaching first grade CCD at my parish next year. I am so excited about this. Originally I had planned to be a teacher, but switched my college major after about a month and a half. So, so excited about this.


These wonderful nuns were featured into today’s Wall Street Journal. Do you have their CD yet? These are truly wonderful nuns. Check out their website and order a CD!


Excited to go to a restorative yoga class with friend and cast mate Bethany tonight. I just love these classes and haven’t been in a long time. I just may fall asleep. Not that anyone would mind. I don’t think.


Rehearsal tomorrow–music for Act II, which will be really easy because the “over 25” women are only in two numbers in Act II. But the over 25 men are only in one, the finale! So I get to sleep in a bit. 🙂 Sunday blocking the end of Act I and rehearsing a few of the Act I scenes we blocked previously.


I learned how to make blog buttons this week. I am really proud of my mad coding skills. 🙂 My dad is a computer scientist, so I taught myself some HTML way back in the 90s when he was studying it for work. I remember keeping the huge textbook balanced on my lap while I typed code into our ancient PC. Those were the days…(the button I created is on the sidebar!)


I’m re-reading Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It may be time to remake Cucumbers in Butter. I mean does that not sound awesome? Everything is better with butter anyway. 🙂


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