Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 28

Thankful for::

(I’ve lost track of my numbers, so we proceed, sans numbers!)

  • the rain
  • new books
  • a great vacation with my dad
  • both my parents, who have birthdays this week–love you guys. 🙂
  • That my parents have been married for thirty four years.
  • a good ENT appointment
  • saintly intercession
  • swimming pools
  • hot dogs (really, I love them in the summer. They’re my go-to meal an awful lot)
  • Hot coffee on early rehearsal days


A blue green dress from Shabby Apple, from their Parisian collection. I do love this dress an awful lot–it’s got a sort of t-shirt material top but then a flouncy skirt. And black flats with it, and starfish earrings.

In the CD Player: :

Sarah McLachlan’s Illusions of Bliss


  • Strange Gods, by Elizabeth Scalia
  • The Bad Catholic’s Guide to the Catechism
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Doctors of the Church, Pope Benedict XVI
  • A School of Prayer, Pope Benedict XVI

From the kitchen::

Rehearsal really messes with my cooking. Like I said above, hot dogs are a lovely go-to meal. I also did a great summer pasta dish with bowtie pasta, cream, lemons, and cherry tomatoes on Sunday, which was totally delightful. Tonight and tomorrow I have rehearsal, and Thursday I’m having dinner with my parents. But I’m pondering some salmon over the weekend, and lots of salads.


About a lot, actually. I was never one of those people who prayed for “everyday” things,  like, “Lord, please let me find a good prom dress!” But this past week, I sure have been–for costume pieces, for virtues, for all sorts of everyday things. They’re being answered. I’m really happy about that. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to be praying for dresses to magically appear. But yeah, those everyday things–I’m seeing the value in asking for intercession about them now. Also, my drive to rehearsal is about 30 minutes, so that means I get in one full set of rosary mysteries during the drive. Prayer time, baby! 🙂

Praying for my friends who are trying to sell their houses; for other people’s special intentions; and for my own. Also: Went to confession on Saturday. (Fist pump.)

Web wanderings::

Plans for the week::

Today: Blocking “Master of the House”

Wednesday: Chorus music rehearsal Act II, so I don’t have to be there until 8:00 pm. Time to make a real dinner! Score! Dad’s birthday.

Thursday: lunch w/ dad, dinner w/parents

Friday: Nothing. Yet.

Saturday: Rehearsal @10:30, then cast dinner/karaoke outing! Mom’s birthday. Mass.

Sunday: Rehearsal from 2:00-3:30. (I think) Then parental combined birthday celebrations.


3 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 28

  1. Mother Dolores Hart is awesome … I saw a story about her on 60 Minutes, I think. Anyway, her lifelong relationship with her former fiance reminds me of Abelard and Eloise …. and I think, if I remember it correctly, when Jesus asked Peter “Do you love me?” he was asking for agape love, not friendship (filio, I think) love. It’s that kind of relationship Jesus wanted — at least that’s the impression I got from the documentary piece I saw somewhere… her book is on my wishlist!

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