Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 29


  • air conditioning
  • the pool that is only a few steps from my house
  • my WDW hoodie for after swim. I always get chilly when I come in the house after a swim session. And come on, it’s got Sorcerer Mickey on it!
  • a ginger ale scented candle on my counter
  • the friends I’ve made in the Les Miz cast
  • getting to teach CCD in the fall. So excited about this.

What I’m wearing::

A Talbot’s blue paisley print full skirt; a blue t-shirt, black flats, and a jade bead necklace.


B XVI’s Doctors of the Church (I’ll probably finish this today); Love Walked In; Anne Lamott’s Some Assembly Required (Normally I wouldn’t be reading her books, since I am conservative and she is so not, and lets you know it in her writing, but it was a Duck’s Cottage book club selection–I’m in their mail order book club–so I’m reading it. When she’s not freaking out about conservatives I do like her writing and she’s pretty funny.) Also re-reading Pride and Prejudice.

In the CD player::

It was Josh Groban’s newest CD this morning, but that’ll change later today. 🙂 In the house it’s the Benedictines of Mary’s Angels and Saints. 


For my friends’ houses to sell

Health and fitness::

Let me tell you, blocking rehearsals in a hot theater burn calories. 🙂 So I have one of those tomorrow, and then we start running the acts straight through on Saturday. Planning on going for a swim tonight since it’s 90 degrees here…yikes.


Oh, UK, please do this!

Around the house::

Dusting the living room, vacuuming, and sorting through the items that are stored in my end tables (They’re mission style, so they have a sort of open area under the table top where I store things) and deciding what I really need to keep in there.

Plans for the week::

Tonight: Port access and dinner w/ my mom.

Wednesday: blocking rehearsal and music rehearsal. Full slate.

Saturday: We’re running Act I of Les Miz, AKA, the only act I’m really in 🙂 (I’m in the epilogue–aka, the finale–of the show. But nothing else in Act II)

Sunday: Act II of Les Miz. (AKA, I get to sit in the audience, watch, and read. 😀 ) Also my parents’ wedding anniversary and my grandma’s birthday!


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