Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 21



(And, again, I’m writing most of this on Saturday. So that’s the “today” :))

So doing Les Miz has been sort of Adventures in Costuming. I’ve bought bloomers, a corset, lace fingerless gloves, and now, the piece de resistance, a hat. Not just any hat.Jane Austen hat.  There is also a lovely trimming set that I ordered with ribbon, flowers, and feathers in colors to match my corset. I’m going to be an awesome lovely lady, I’m just telling you that right now.


For the factory sequence I don’t get to wear a lot of fun stuff, except my Williamsburg mob cap! I love this thing. I think I look cute in it. We’re totally friends. That is also being worn in Look Down, too, I think. I could be wrong. Need to find out. The corset and Jane hat, sadly, are Lovely Ladies only wear.


Today we actually ran Act I of the show off -book and onstage. It went amazingly well, given that there’s so many of us and it’s the first time everyone was off-book, and we were moving set pieces in and out. The first act is definitely the more complicated act so it was good to see this initial test work so well. Of course there are still things that need cleaned up, refined, and generally improved upon, but it was a good day’s work.


This story makes no sense to me: Raise tuition so you can increase financial aid? What? Kent State, this is sort of mad.


Books I read this week: iWoz, Operation Instructions, finished Doctors of the Church, and re-read the Cecile and Marie-Grace American Girl books. Yes, I re-read them. Don’t judge me.


Tonight I plan on watching the film version of Possession, a great book I read when I was in Florida. If you haven’t read the book, please do so! The movie has Gwyneth Paltrow, Aaron Eckhard, Jeremy Notham and Jennifer Ehle, so that cast makes me happy without even seeing the film. 


I had a column up at Suscipio yesterday! I’ll have a separate link about it in a minute, but you can jump ahead and read it here.


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