In My Own Little Corner

of the world, there are so many, many prayer requests. Some have been answered–my friend Liz just gave birth (Or was “safely delivered of”) a baby girl. It’s her second child, and everyone is so happy for them. My cousin is pregnant with her third child. These are good things.

But so many other requests:

  • Thomas Peters
  • The same cousin’s husband has a family member with a young family, and he has a brain tumor. He’s in surgery now.
  • A two time double lung transplant recipient has just died. She had her 23rd birthday yesterday. She had two transplants, but they never seemed to “take” in her body. There was talk about trying for a third. She went in for a fairly routine test this morning and a blood vessel burst and…they couldn’t save her. She had lots of siblings and her family will be so devastated.
  • a friend’s private prayer request. I don’t know what it is, but you ask me to pray, and I do.

Four big fat prayer requests this week. Five, if you count the baby. That’s the most prayer requests I think I’ve had on my plate, ever.

If you are so motivated, would you pray for them, too?

St. catherine sculpture Nashville


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