Yarn Along No. 2


OK so it’s very clear I’m the newbie in the Yarn Along group when I look at everyone else’s pictures, but that’s OK!

So this week I’m working on a bookmark. This is actually bookmark 2.0. I’ve discovered a few things about knitting:

  1. I need to keep my cast on stitches loose, or I have to start again.
  2. I have to not grab one ply of yarn and make that stitch, thereby creating TWO stitches from ONE yarn strand….

So I’ve started this book mark a few times. I did a tiny one earlier today, which was acceptable. This one is a lot better.  There are still mistakes. I am ignoring them.


I’m using my harmony needles #5, and Knitpicks Palette yarn in Huckleberry Heather, which I just love. The yarn feels very nice and knits up really well.  I’m planning on getting some more colors that the pattern suggested. It’s a fingering weight yarn.

As for reading, I just finished Veronica Roth’s Insurgent, which is number 2 in her Divergent trilogy. I usually have to read these books twice so that I get all the details Roth puts in, but that’s fine.

(Sorry about the pic quality–fast iPhone picture).


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