Emily Revamps Her Life II: The Evening Routine

This is part II of a series; read the whole series here.

FlyLady first mentioned the idea of an evening routine to me, via her book, but I really see the importance of it now to help streamline my mornings.

Basically, this is how it works: around 8:00 or so (or after dinner, when I do clean up), it starts:

  • Fill the coffeepot for the next morning (water and beans)
  • dole out PM and AM meds so I don’t have to mess with bottles, and if I need refills, I can take care of them
  • Check my work bag and make sure I have what I need in there
  • Set out my Divine Office book and make sure the pages are marked for lauds. (This can be harder than it sounds, if it’s Feast Day or something like that, which requires finding certain pages in the book and marking them with my prayer cards.)
  • Mark cookbook for tomorrow’s dinner and make sure I have all the ingredients
  • Charge phone and iPad, if needed.
  • Go upstairs and lay out clothes, accessories, etc.
  • After bath (if it’s hair wash night), put out the toiletry items I need in the morning: all my makeup, brushes, etc., so it’s right at hand. (This takes up counterspace, so I do it post-bath so I’m not knocking things over with the hair dryer and the towels!)
  • Set alarm for 6:30.

Things like the cookbook–this just makes my entire day work better. If I need ingredients, I can pick them up either during my lunch hour or on my way home. I also get out items I’ll need for that recipe before hand (canned things, spices, etc.–not perishable things, unless it’s meat that needs to thaw, then it goes in the fridge.) So when I get home I can just start dinner right away without looking for everything and realizing I’m missing something.

(I tend to meal plan for the week ahead. More on this later.)


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