Emily Revamps Her Life Part I

I love all the seasons, but I especially love the sense of newness that comes with fall. I haven’t been a student for (gulp) almost 10 years, but I still like the back-to-school, new notebooks and pencils idea of fall.

And lately, I’ve noticed that my life sort of needs a re-do, or a makeover, or a “back to school” sense, if you will. I need to get rid of all the things I don’t love, don’t use, and don’t need. I need to make time for prayer on a daily basis. I need to have a solid fitness routine.

I’ve had all these seeds careening around in my brain for awhile. But now is the time to start.

Why now?

Well first, I read this book:

It was mentioned by Elizabeth Foss (she also recommended another great book, here, which I also read while I was reading this.) Since she usually links to fantastic books, I added this to my Amazon queue and ordered it a few weeks ago.

The book has a lot of great advice, but this part is my favorite:

The author gives you a 10 day plan to totally remake your home into one you want to be living in. You get rid of everything you don’t use. You clean the spaces. You make them beautiful and inviting.

Now this is going to take me more than 10 days–probably more like 20!–but I am determined to do this.

Day 1 was throw everything away in your house that is trash, that doesn’t work, that’s broken and un-fixable. This has been done in 2/3 of the house. I still have to hit the music room and I plan on doing that today. Also get rid of stuff you don’t want, that’s in plain sight. (This isn’t the time to go through closets, etc.) So when I go down to the music room, I will examine the movie stash (because they’re in the same place). If I don’t love the movie, it gets put in the “Take to Half Price Books (HPB) To Sell” bag.

In the book, Day 1 is described like this:

“I’m talking about the obvious stuff…this is about the stuff that really doesn’t take any effort to find. This is the magazine collection in the bathroom, the trinkets on the end tables, and the knickknacks on your dresser–anything that visible as soon as you enter the room. ” –Organized Simplicity

So today I will finish Day 1.  I’m not following all her tips; instead of having a garage/yard sale, I’m taking things that can be sold to HPB; if they can’t be sold, I’m donating them. (But only donating things that are in good shape.)

Another thing I’ve been doing this week? Getting up earlier. 

I’ve set my alarm clock for 6:30. That means I’m usually up at 7 (I give myself three hits of the snooze). I am not one of those people that can set the alarm for when I need to wake up. I have to build in snooze button hitting time.

If I’m up at 7:00–and I’ve set out my clothes and make up items, and jewelry, the night before–my morning is simple. I’ve also added in a Morning Offering. (There are a lot of them, but I like the one I learned when I was with the Nashville Dominicans on retreat. I’ll post that later.)

I have time for a cup of coffee, and time to say lauds and take my morning meds, before I head out the door.

I want to add more to my morning, but so far, this is it:

  • Morning Offering
  • Dressing/makeup
  • Coffee/breakfast/pills
  • Lauds
  • Car time. 🙂

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