Emily Revamps Her Life III: If I don’t love it…

Anton Ego

This was sort of my motto for the first Phase of Household Revamp: If I don’t love it, it don’t stay.

(I know. That’s ungrammatical. Bear with me.)

So I have finished the removal part: taking things that can be sold, or donated, and organizing them thusly into bags. The donated things will go to my parents for the truck pick up (It doesn’t come to my complex), and the books and movies will go to HPB some weekend (when I have time for that. )

This is hard for me when it comes to clothes, especially, because I think that if it’s in my closet I should probably wear it, even if I don’t like it, I never wear it, it doesn’t fit right, etc. The time has come (The Walrus Said) to start getting over that and just donating it to people who will want it or need it. (Or my mom or sister, who often wear my old clothes that still look good. Melanie has inherited quite a few of my lovely things that fit me pre-transplant, but don’t fit anymore, like a cashmere cardigan from BR….sigh. 🙂 But what are sisters for?)

Books: the problem is “I Will Read It”, like the Henry James books I have that I feel like, as a good English BA, I should read. And I’m going to keep those because I really should read them and I can’t allow myself to give them away. Yet.

But for books I just didn’t like, or don’t see the value in keeping ,or never re-read–off to HPB with you!

There will be more of this, as the project moves on, since right now I”m just doing a basic clean out. I’m not scrutinizing carefully, shelf by shelf. I’m just cleaning areas (for example, my book room, where I just had a crazy pile of books that needed dealt with before I could do anything else) and removing big piles that will impede my work later.

This is part of a series. For the entire series, click here


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