Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 33


A black and white maxi skirt and a violet 3/4 length sleeve top, both from White House Black Market.


St. Catherine’s Dialogues; The Genesee Diary, by Henri Nouwen.

In the CD player::

Loreena McKennit’s The Book of Secrets.

Around the house::

Revamping hits the living room. More on that in a later post.

From the kitchen::

I’m feeling bruschetta meal again. Yes. Also there was this great Rachael Ray recipe that I pinned, and this is being made soon, too. (It has this and this as sides. I mean, how good is that.)

Being healthy::

More ballet beautiful this week.,

Being creative::

Knitting! Oh my goodness, knitting. I’ve got more in today’s yarn along, which will be up later. 🙂

Praying for::

Thomas Peters

Other special intentions

Plans for the week::

Mass tonight (I think).


2 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 33

  1. We made bruschetta the other night. YUM.
    And – what is ballet beautiful, the link didn’t work.
    If I lived near I’d come watch a show.

  2. I’ve been convincing my daughters to try maxi skirts; they are so feminine and can be casual or a bit dressy.

    Thank you for the link to the sweet potatoes recipe. Easy and a good side dish.

    Have fun revamping your living room!

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