ERHL V: The Living Room

The Living Room is the first area in Organized Simplicity’s 10 Day plan. (As we can tell, I’ve been doing this for way more than 10 days…). The first step is to get everything out of the room that you don’t love/use.  That took a few days for me, because my living room is also the “dining room”, and the family room. It’s the sort of everything room.

So the first thing was to get all the stuff I didn’t want out of the room, and to put things in a place that were in this room. Cookbooks on the cookbook shelves; books on the book shelves; CDs on the rack I have for them. Now I have a lot of books, as we know, so I did some purging of the shelves, first, to make room for the books I wanted to keep.

It’s always hard for me to get rid of books, unless I really hated the book. 🙂 But that’s a rare occurrence.  So if I haven’t read a book recently, it goes. I do tend to re-read it before I get rid of it, if I’m iffy about it. I Just did that with my Love Comes Softly books, and really, they’re still on the fence. Re-reading didn’t help me here! So what I’ll do it put them in my book room closet, and if I haven’t looked for them in a year, then they go.

When it came to the “meta stuff”, as Tsh calls items that hold stuff (baskets, shelves, etc.), I had some big cleaning out to do. My tables are mission-style tables, with storage underneath. In one of them, I store photo albums, so that one was in good shape. The other, however, was a mess. It held Thanksgiving editions of magazines, notebooks, books, my cable company information–all sorts of stuff. So I took it all out. Tossed the magazines, filed the cable information in my new file system, and then placed the books I wanted to keep back in the table.

I’ve stored my books for spiritual reading, as well as a few workout books, and my book on learning Latin (which I will get around to. I know it. I don’t want to part with it quite yet.) are all in here, as well as therapy putty for working my right hand (which is the one that was burned during transplant surgery), and a small photo book.

This table is much more useful to me, since I can clearly see what’s in there now, and find what I’m looking for, but it’s also more aesthetically pleasing for the room, since it’s organized and doesn’t look like a huge pile of crazy.

The other main focus in this room is my trunk, which I use as a coffee table. It tends to accumulate stuff like a magnet, so this had to be dealt with. I do keep a fair amount of “stuff” on this, for easy access–my bible, a few recent magazines, my novelling notebook, and a basket that holds the remotes and some bookmarks.

The next step after all this is cleared off, is to deep clean the room–vacuum, dust, polish, etc. I last did this in May, so it shouldn’t be too awful (I mean I last did a polish last May, not the vacuuming and dusting!).


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