ERHL VI: The book room and curtains

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My little sister, Mel, was here last night for some girl bonding. While we were munching on wings at BW3’s, the idea came up that we should run to Target and get curtains for my bedroom window, because I’ve been wanting curtains there for a long time. I sort of hate the whole rental place white blind window treatment thing, especially in my bedroom. And since there’s only one window in there, it would be less work and less money.

So after dinner we went to Target, bought some window fixture things, and went back to my place. We are surprisingly handy girls. Sadly I forgot to take a before picture, but here’s the after:


That is, indeed, a lot better than just regular white blinds which are boring!

So I thought, OK, we’re done. But then Mel said, why don’t we do the other bedroom?

Now, my other bedroom–aka, the book room–had a bit of progress made. But there was a lot of stuff in there that needed done to bring it in line with my vision of the room. I wanted a couch, or at least a big comfy chair in there; I wanted it to be a cozy space where I could write and work.



That wasn’t happening. But Mel, like a human tornado/Genevieve from Trading Spaces, took it on. For the next 90 minutes, we worked hard. First up was moving the desk from the center of the room to the right hand wall, which immediately freed up space for the other piece of furniture I wanted there.




The next task: My piles of books. Melanie took them and arranged them on the windowsills, adding some of the hockey-related stuffed animals I’ve acquired over the years.


Third, we tackled the Paper Monster. There were lots of piles of papers that needed dealt with. A lot of them just got trashed, but the rest found homes in now-empty binders.

Also, we unpacked the last box from my move, found that I didn’t need the stuff in it, an used it to gather all the trash we were accumulating.

Under the desk, we put my printer, my box of photos, and a box of envelopes. The printer really shouldn’t be on the floor, but it’s the best we’ve got right now, and at least under the desk it’s somewhat protected.


More books were also found for the HPB file.

I’m really excited about what we did here, because now the room is organized, useful, and really pretty. Eventually I will have a big fat chair or a loveseat in here for reading, which will make me really happy, or even knitting.

Mel will make a fantastic nurse, but she also is a pretty sweet interior decorator.  So thanks to Mel, the book room is a real room  and not just a book breeding ground. 🙂


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