Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 34

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Black maxi skirt and purple top, both from White House Black Market.


Prayer Primer; Tips for Actors (I re-read this every time I do a straight play), the novel And Then There Were None.

In The CD Player::

Nothing. In the midst of CD changing. 🙂

Around the house:: 

We did this and this over the weekend. Now on to deep cleaning the living room!

From the kitchen::

Not sure this week. I know. I’m bad.

Being healthy::

Swimming, since it’ll be warm enough this week, and ballet beautiful. 

Being creative::

Christmas Scarf No. 2 in the works; learning my lines for And Then There Were None.

Praying for::

Thomas Peters

Plans for the week::

Catechist retreat for the upcoming CCD year on Sunday. Possible rehearsals this weekend (I’m only in Act I, so I’m not sure what this weekend’s schedule looks like.) Parents coming over for dinner tomorrow.

captured::My Oxford University Press books–well, some of them–displayed



3 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 34

  1. Ballet Beautiful link didn’t work. But I bet it is fun!
    Great almanac. I’m so proud of your declutter and reno posts.


  2. Emily…where’s all the yummy, delicious food you’re always posting about?? You always sound like you’re dressed super cute and fashionable…are you really in your pajammies when you write these? lol!

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