The Long Weekend

Labor Day, as marking the end of summer, sort of bugs me, because it’s not the end of the summer, as a season. But I realize I’m fighting a losing battle here. And I am happy for the return of college football because it means, well, football, which I enjoy, but also, whenever the Buckeyes are playing is prime time to run errands, because no one will be on the roads. So I do love having Easton, or downtown, or the grocery, all to myself while Buckeye Nation watches football.

(I’m not a born and bred Buckeye fan. Yes, I have lived in Columbus my entire life, but my parents are native Pittsburghers, and my dad is a graduate of Pitt and Carnegie Mellon. And Mom’s family was totally pro ND, all the way, because two of her siblings went there. So when it came to college loyalty, we were rooting for Pitt and ND. Also, Pittsburgh has three pro sports teams. The idea that a college team would get so much press was incroyable to my parents. So, my siblings and I grew up sort of OSU neutral, and this remains, even though my brother is an OSU grad. I have been to an OSU game, and I love the marching band. Really, I watch the games just for the band.)

With this long weekend, I have a few things in mind:

  • knitting, of course. I ordered some yarn from Quince and Co. today, and am excited to work with it! The yarn will make up Christmas Scarf No. 3, as well as a longer scarf/wrap for me (two balls of yarn. I’m excited for this.), and possibly Christmas Scarf No. 4. We’ll see. Also I want to make up a few bookmarks as part of the Christmas packages.
  • Learning lines for And Then There Were None. We’ll have rehearsals over the weekend, and I want to start getting to the off-book stage. I’m only in one act, so I don’t have too terribly many lines, but I want to really get them down so I can focus on other things.
  • Restocking the pantry, and cooking. This is part of my revamp: consistent meal planning and having healthy things around the house that are easy.
  • Working out: ballet beautiful and walks. Also possible pool, before it closes. My pool is in my complex, and it closes at various and sundry times every year; sometimes it’s open until October!
  • Reading some Jane, especially Persuasion.
  • Sleeping in. That’s definitely happening.
  • Along with restocking the pantry comes cleaning out the pantry and the fridge. For some reason I love to do this in the fall. Must be some sort of latent nesting instinct.
  • Potentially the piano.
  • Also decorating for fall, which means putting my scarecrow in the front yard, and a little wreath (assuming I can find said wreath)

One thought on “The Long Weekend

  1. Sounds like you have a really nice weekend planned of perfectly relaxing things to do. Except the memorizing parts part. When I had to memorize music for operas – the worst. Only because it was such a chore. When I actually focused I got it done. To this day, I still have nightmares of walking on stage and forgetting my first notes! Scarred!
    🙂 Have a great long weekend!

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