Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 35

Outside my window::

It’s a gloriously sunny, 75 degree day in Columbus. One of my favorite things!



Green Banana Republic/Issa wrap top (AKA, A Princess Kate top), and a lemon print skirt from Talbots.



The Princess Bride, Watership Down



For Thomas Peters

For my friends who are pregnant (yay babies!)

For Syria



Pope announces day of fasting and prayer for Syria–on Sept. 7, which is  Saturday. Do this, folks.



Christmas scarves! I used my gorgeous Quince and Co. yarn this weekend to start on a scarf for a friend. It’s a wonderfully thick and warm yarn, but I found out I need at least one more skein of it! So it’s on hold until the new yarn arrives.


In the CD player::

Renee Fleming, Homage: Age of the Diva. (So, opera.)

Meal plan:: 

Tonight is lemon fusili pasta with grape tomatoes; tomorrow is Chicken Salad Veronique; I have a meal for Thursday planned, but I forget what it is! Salmon, I think.


Around the house::

Not a whole lot, amazingly. I’m as shocked as you are. Sheets need changed, so there’s that.


Plans for the week::

Post office trip after work today; lunch w/ dad tomorrow; Mass on Friday since it’s First Friday; rehearsal this weekend. More knitting. 🙂



Gorgeous Quince and Co. yarn!

Gorgeous Quince and Co. yarn!


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