Miss Teacher

Originally, my collegiate major was education. I changed it after about a month of college when I realized the curriculum was less about teaching kids than about dealing with bureaucracy and making word problems culturally sensitive. But, almost 10 years later, I’m a teacher.  Sort of.

Yesterday CCD started at my parish. I am co-teaching a class of 27 first graders. The first day was the normal stuff–name tags for their seats, rules, fire drill stuff, passing out books. We learned the Sign of the Cross (and I told the kids how to differentiate between left and right—the old “L” with the left hand trick) and went over the Our Father and Hail Mary. The kids seemed to have both those prayers pretty down pat, so kudos to their parents.

I also got the big fat teacher book. We’re trading off weeks so I’ll have the even numbered chapters–my chapter is about Heaven. Next week we’re talking about God the Father. This curriculum is pretty intense and covers a lot of material. We also added in a virtue program written by the fantastic Nashville Dominicans, so each month has a specific saint and specific virtue. This month is St. Martha and faith. I told the kids the story of St. Martha while my co-teacher tried to console a sobbing little girl in the hallway with her Dad also helping out. (Coloring helped soothe her and she was OK by the end of class)

It’s a great, sharp, adorable bunch. I’m very much looking forward to teaching them this year!


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