Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 41

Outside my window::

It’s a really lovely fall day…blue sky, high clouds, bit of a breeze. It’s like upper 50s, I think, so that’s quite excellent, temp wise, for me.


Gray skirt, light purple tank, blue cardigan. Layers are our friend!


Abandonment to Divine Providence; A Concise History of Italy; Be Holy. 


That Christmas scarf is still going. It’s like the Energizer Bunny.

 Praying for::

Pregnant friends

Thomas Peters

My CCD class

The new convent of Dominican Sisters in our diocese. One of them is the new CCD director at our parish.


NaNoWriMo 2013 starts on Friday! Yippee! This year it’s a more “realistic fiction” piece as opposed to last year’s dystopian flavored one. It takes place in England, technically, near Newcastle, but the town is fictional, sort of like Thomas Hardy’s fictional British locales.


Three Pure Barre classes on the agenda for this week. Yay!

Around the house::

Vacuuming, dusting, mopping. The usual.

Recipe corner::

This macaroni from Rachael Ray sounds fantastic! And you don’t even have to have the BLT part, if you don’t want to.


backstage at And Then There Were None, with Jenny, who played Vera (and also introduced me to Pure Barre!)

backstage at And Then There Were None, with Jenny, who played Vera (and also introduced me to Pure Barre!)

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 30



First snow of the season yesterday. And by “snow” I mean there were some flakes falling that sort of stuck to the wood pile at my parents’ house. So no real accumulation, although the kids at the bus stop in the morning were trying to eat the snowflakes, which I have to say is one of the fun things about snowflakes, even if it does make me think of Lucy in Charlie Brown Christmas.

(She says January snowflakes are better than December snowflakes. Maybe they’re like wine and they improve as winter goes on? No idea.)

If you’re new here, this is how I feel about snow: I like it from now until Jan. 1. Then the holidays are over, and I’m done with snow.


So this morning the State Highway Patrol had “training exercises” at work. Good thing there were lots of signs, otherwise I would’ve had a heart attack upon seeing five heavily armed and armored men entering my office. It was like the FBI raid scene in ET + The Hurt Locker all in one. Crazy.


Tonight is the opening of the last weekend for And Then There Were None. I am sad, because I really like this cast, but at least we have three shows and a cast party left! I’m hoping I can finish my grandma’s Christmas scarf while I sit backstage tonight. 🙂


Speaking of Christmas gifts, here are a few suggestions: Soap and/or candles from these nuns, and rosaries from these sisters. Affordable and Holy! 🙂 Reason for the season! All that stuff!


In terms of cute: This picture of Baby Prince George and his parents. I mean, too cute.

“Yes, I am awesome! I am fourth in line to the throne! I want cake! Hurray!” 

And this one:

“Yeah, whatever, I’m clearly the cutest thing here. Where is cake. (Yeah, I don’t have teeth. What does that have to do with anything?)” 


The Pope on confession: It’s not a torture chamber.


PS: Note about the queen’s outfit, above. Someone must make her hats and coats together, because that degree of fabric match is pretty incredible. And what will that person do when the queen dies? Because I can’t see Charles going about in hats and coats like these. And I really don’t want to, either.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 40

Outside my window: 

Clouds moving in. We’re supposed to get a cold front that’ll bring frost/freeze weather. Yeah Ohio in October. I mean I don’t like snow, but I don’t like the 80s in October, either. This is fine with me. 🙂


Finished House Like a Lotus, so re-reading Mother Teresa and Me. Also trying to finish A Feast for Crows.


Nutmeg colored cashmere V-neck sweater and a rust/cream/brown skirt. I had on boots that matched the sweater earlier, but I’m home so they’re off. 🙂


For pregnant friends

For Thomas Peters

for Elizabeth D., blog friend. 🙂

For friends who are sick/going through medical procedures.


Do we really think that eliminating suffering is what makes life worth living? Do people actually think it’s possible to eliminate it? Because it’s not…

From the kitchen::

Just sandwiches tonight. It’s the first week post-show, so I’m not up to much more than that.

In the CD player::

the Original Broadway Cast of Aida. But might change it to Loreena McKennit soon here.


Hoping to finish grandma’s Christmas scarf this week. Then on to a scarf for me. 🙂


Back to the Pure Barre classes, since I missed them last week due to Tech Week insanity.

Plans for the week::

Workout tomorrow and W; clean up rehearsal tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Show Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and CCD on Sunday morning.




Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 29




So last night was Opening Night for “And Then There Were None.” Here are some pictures from Tech Week, with me and my lovely stage husband. We had a great crowd, including my parents, last night, and everyone did a wonderful job onstage. So I think we’re all quite pleased. Backstage we had a rousing discussion of literature (one of my favorite kinds of rousing discussions!) and travel. It was much fun. I get some reading in while the others are finishing Act I, because no one else disappears until the end of the act.

The show has five more performances–two this weekend and three next weekend–so if you’re local, come on out!


Books: I’ve read Emily Freeman’s Million Little Ways, which I really liked, and now I’m into Madeline L’Engle’s “O’Keefe Family  trilogy”, which deals with Calvin and Meg from the Wrinkle Quintet and their kids, especially Poly (who’s name is really Polyhymnia–egads!). I finished The Arm of the Starfish and am about 1/2 through Dragons in the Waters. I’m also almost done with A Feast for Crows. One nice thing about dying early–reading time! 🙂


The Christmas scarves near completion. I think that may be tomorrow’s project backstage–finishing the Christmas scarf. Then I want to start a sort of scarf/wrap for me, because it’s definitely getting colder here. I think it’ll be like 45 today and it’s raining. Not that I mind–that’s great stay in weather, and my fireplace is going, and I have coffee–but it does mean scarf for Emily time. I’ve got some lovely Quince and Co. yarn that I can’t wait to knit up for me.


I missed my pure barre classes this week because of tech week, but I’m back at it on Monday. I’ve actually missed going to class. This is weird. Fortunately I’ve gone to enough classes now that I have an idea of things I can do at home, so I don’t want to be totally lost when I’m back on Monday.


In CCD this week, we’re talking about Adam and Eve. This is actually week one of two weeks on Adam and Eve. I guess we want to make sure the kids really get the story. The Fall is next week, so this week is about how great Eden was, and what God gave Adam and Eve to do, and so forth. Have I mentioned I love my class? Because I do. They are a bunch of great kids.


One of the “hot spots” (as the FlyLady says) in my house is my kitchen table. It tends to just be a mess. So this week I decided that maybe if I have flowers there, it will look better? As in, I can keep the table clear? So far it’s working. I’ve got golden chrysanthemums, some snap dragons, tiger lilies, and two roses in a green mason jar for a vase.


A huge pet peeve of mine is stores other than grocery stores that are open on Thanksgiving. Really, guys?

I live in a section off a street that has a Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc. on it. And every Thanksgiving I see people skipping time with their families to buy cheap video games and washers and dryers and TV sets. This really gets my goat.

These stores should not be open. The employees are going to have to get up at the crack of dawn anyway for Black Friday. They should have a day–a few hours–with their families before the commercial madness.

And the consumers in line? SHAME ON YOU. Really. You “need” an item so badly that you’re going to wait in (what is usually) crappy Ohio weather for it? ARE YOU INSANE?

Yes. The answer is yes. And every year, I hate this.

Today I read an article that said JCPenney is opening at 8 PM on Thanksgiving. This is wrong. So, so wrong.

People: please. Don’t shop on Thanksgiving, unless it’s to buy a new turkey to replace the one you ruined. Please.

And Then There Were None pictures

from first dress rehearsal on Monday; my apron is being taken up, thanks. 🙂

I did not invite a disembodied voice for dinner.....

I did not invite a disembodied voice for dinner…..

Because drinking brandy solves everything in this show

Because drinking brandy solves everything in this show

Me and my husband, Tom.

Me and my husband, Tom.

A four course dinner on my hands and no one to help me.

A four course dinner on my hands and no one to help me.

My husband is a slacker

My husband is a slacker

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 39

Thanking God For::

*Beautiful autumn days




*Sleeping in (yes, I had today off…Columbus Day for the win, people)

*His Word


Outside my window::
Well it’s not my window, it’s the coffeeshop’s window. That being said: I’m in Bexley, my old college stomping grounds, so I’m seeing the library and the trees along Main Street turning colors. It’s a glorious autumn day, about 75 degrees or so. I’ve got hot coffee and a chocolate chip scone in front of me. Life is good.


*Friends who are pregnant

*Thomas Peters

*an Internet friend who is going through her umpteenth round of chemo



My NaNoWriMo novel for this year. I’m planning to do it again; I’m all signed up and ready to go. October is the “planning month”. I have a sort of plot, but I’m not sure where the plot will ultimately end up, so I do need to work on that.


Proverbs is the lectio book of the Bible du jour; Game of Thrones: A Feast for Crows (book 4 in the series). Also re-reading the Wrinkle In Time series–I’m on A Wind  In The Door.



Zee Christmas Scarves. Yes. I think I’m on the last one, but one can never be sure.


In the kitchen::

It’s Tech Week for And Then There Were None. So it’s catch as catch can. I’m thinking carbonara tonight, though. Because I love carbonara, it’s quick to make, and carbs are good for stage energy. 🙂


Around the house::

Today I have cleaned the bathroom (tub, toilet, mirrors); swept the kitchen floor; dusted; vacuumed, and cleared off piles of stuff from the Kitchen Table. I have also worked on the constant weeding out of the library. I am pleased. When I get home from my coffee klatch I’m planning on mopping the Kitchen floor and spending some time in the library and my bedroom.



Jeans, a mulberry colored sweater with a pink camisole under it and a grey/white/khaki infinity scarf, and pink flats.

Looking forward to:

Tech Week. I mean it’s a lot of work but it’s also fun to see the whole show come together. We open on Friday!

The week ahead::

Um, tech week. 🙂 The show opens on Friday. We have shows Friday and Saturday Evening and then a Sunday matinee. We do it again next weekend.

My sister’s birthday is on Thursday


Yarn Along No. 5

Sorry I’ve been sort of AWOL with this, but I’ve been doing the Christmas Scarves.

Grandma's scarf in progress

Grandma’s scarf in progress

It’s the same pattern as these, and I’m using Knit Picks City Tweed in Tahitian Pearl. This one is for my grandma, and my mom suggested a gray scarf to go with her coat. Since my grandma is half Scots/Irish, this tweed is perfect for her! Reading: Finally picking up A Feast for Crows. I’ve had it for months but it’s just been languishing. So I decided to just plow into it, which is, really, the best way to start his novels, I’ve decided. 🙂 This is #4 in the Game of Thrones series, and at this point some of the characters are being called by various other names, so it’s a bit of a brain exercise to keep them all straight. (Like Sansa Stark is being called Alayne, and Arya is being called a whole variety of things.) I’m about 70% of the way through it and hopefully since I have today off, I can finish it today!

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 38

(Prompts Elizabeth style, today) 


Noticing God’s glory::

Autumn in Central Ohio is usually beautiful, but even moreso when we have so much great leaf color. It makes it a bit easier to commute against the color show.


In the CD player::

Still the Joyce CD. I’m all about it, as my brother would say.


Clothing myself in::

Nutmeg boots; a asymmetrical hemmed skirt in oatmeal; a blue v-neck top, and a cream scarf (linen, not knitted. I still need to knit a blue scarf for me!). Oh, and smartwool socks, which I looooove.


thinking and thinking::

About how to get everything into my days; I have been working on that, and I’ve been getting up earlier. I’ve added a workout to my almost daily schedule. But then with the workout comes two hours home at night in which to do everything–write, take care of the house, knit, etc. Eventually my goal is to be awake at 6:30, but right now we’re about 40 minutes short of that. Maybe “falling back” will help?


pondering prayerfully::

the idea of vocation, and what it means when what you thought your vocation was isn’t what you thought it was–or, God has a different idea of how to use your skills, talents, and desires. What is the best use of these?


cultivating rhythm::

Well I sort of touched on this, above. But there’s some things that have to be done in a rhythmic way–the mornings, especially, and the preparation for the next day in the evenings.  Also, being sure I use the pockets of free time I have well, on the things that need done.  (Does this make sense?)


Creating by hand::

My grandma’s Christmas scarf is on my knitting needles now. Hopefully during Tech Week I can get a lot of this done. 🙂


Learning lessons in::

Balance. Always, always balance. How to get everything in, in a way that isn’t a rushed thing, but a way that allows everything to work the way it should.


Prayers for::

My friends with health problems

My pregnant friends

My World Vision child, Mery, who turned 13 today!

Thomas Peters


Keeping house::

Cleaning the kitchen. I’ve been cleaning out the cabinets and the fridge over the last few weekends and stocking up on some fall essentials. So I have to sweep and mop the floor and deep clear the stove burners.



Just finished The House of Hades, the latest Rick Riordan book. I’m not as pleased with it as I was with others that he’s written. There’s some unnecessary “contemporary” problems in there and it’s sort of meandering. (I’m being vague in case anyone reading this is a Percy fan. 🙂 )


Planning for the week ahead:

Tonight: workout at Pure Barre, and port access. Whee!

Wednesday: Eye doctor appointment; Pirates game. They better win.

Thursday: Another PB class

Friday-Sunday: Rehearsals for the show and Tech Week starts! We open next Friday.

Sunday: Possible Lay Dominicans meeting if I don’t have rehearsal on Sunday, but I”m fairly sure I will. Teaching CCD in the morning.

Sunday Links

For your Sunday enjoyment: 

  • The alternate titles of Mastering the Art of French Cooking (Now go watch Julie and Julia
  • The Mad Knitter of Dent!
  • St. Michael taking down Satan  (By the way, when old Brit novels mention “Michaelmas”, they mean last Sunday–the 29th of September–which is the feast of the Archangels, in particular St. Michael. So “Michealmas term” means after Sept. 29, like the beginning of October. And it’s pronounced: mick-el-mes)

Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 28




Hi! No. I’m not dead. I’m not “in the resort” (code for the hospital.) I’ve just been really busy. 🙂 


First item of busy: The show. We start run throughs, completely off book, tonight, so I’m excited about that. I think it’s really coming together (at least what I’ve seen of it; since I’m only in Act I before being done away with, I haven’t seen the whole thing in rehearsals). My character shoes are being sufficiently broken in and I think I’m getting really comfortable with my character and her interactions with her ne’er-do-well husband, even if I still can’t figure out what she’s doing with him.  We open October 18th and run for two weekends. If you’re local, you can get tickets here: 

The cast is great. I’m having so much fun with them and we all get along very well. 


Second item of busy: finding a workout I like. Yes, it has happened–Emily found a workout she likes! I’ve been doing pure barre for the past two weeks. One of the girls in the show works at their Dublin location and she turned me on to it. It is super hard, but it’s only a 55 minute class, so I’m not ever looking at the clock going let me out of here, and it’s fun. Some of my friends actually take the same class with me, which I didn’t know about beforehand. Bonus! Also, class is at 5:45 and done by 6:45, so I’m home around 7:00, which is great. I don’t have to totally sacrifice my evenings to do this. 

My goal is to attend 100 classes by the end of April. When you reach 100 classes you get a pair of red sticky socks and get to sign the barre in the studio. Right now I’ve taken 5 classes. So I’m 5% of the way there….I’ve been taking three times a week, so far, and pondering adding a fourth day, but that probably won’t happen until post show. 

(Of course it’s not a cheap workout…my mom used to say I needed to marry someone really wealthy. It’s not my fault I like things that are expensive….but I’m expensive to keep up, anyway. And my doctors will be so psyched I’ve found a workout I like. So, it’s a medical expense. Right? Right.)


The Dominican Friars of our province have a glorious project–the Hymnarium

The Hymnarium O.P. is a hymnal  for the Liturgy of the Hours that makes available the Dominican heritage of liturgical hymnody.  It is has been published by the Liturgical Commission of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph in response to the 2010 Provincial Chapter’s wish that “the Dominican and wider Gregorian Chant traditions in the Conventual Mass and Office” and the desire of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council that chant “be given pride of place in liturgical services.”

They are currently fundraising for this project and are halfway to their goal! If you have some extra cash to spare, please consider donating. 


It’s NaNoWriMo prep time! Last year I did this and won, so I’m excited to do it again. This year the novel involves three bachelor brothers (one of whom is a duke), and two women in a car crash. And a fictional royal family. Oh yeah. Should be exciting!


Reading goal for the year (180 books) met. I feel awesome. I’m also currently reading Elizabeth Gilber’s The Signature of All Things and am enjoying it thus far. Hopefully that continues. 


And finally–Let’s Go Bucs! Pirates are in the MLB playoffs

This is either a Miracle of God, or a sign of the Apocalypse. I can’t decide which.