Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 28




Hi! No. I’m not dead. I’m not “in the resort” (code for the hospital.) I’ve just been really busy. 🙂 


First item of busy: The show. We start run throughs, completely off book, tonight, so I’m excited about that. I think it’s really coming together (at least what I’ve seen of it; since I’m only in Act I before being done away with, I haven’t seen the whole thing in rehearsals). My character shoes are being sufficiently broken in and I think I’m getting really comfortable with my character and her interactions with her ne’er-do-well husband, even if I still can’t figure out what she’s doing with him.  We open October 18th and run for two weekends. If you’re local, you can get tickets here: 

The cast is great. I’m having so much fun with them and we all get along very well. 


Second item of busy: finding a workout I like. Yes, it has happened–Emily found a workout she likes! I’ve been doing pure barre for the past two weeks. One of the girls in the show works at their Dublin location and she turned me on to it. It is super hard, but it’s only a 55 minute class, so I’m not ever looking at the clock going let me out of here, and it’s fun. Some of my friends actually take the same class with me, which I didn’t know about beforehand. Bonus! Also, class is at 5:45 and done by 6:45, so I’m home around 7:00, which is great. I don’t have to totally sacrifice my evenings to do this. 

My goal is to attend 100 classes by the end of April. When you reach 100 classes you get a pair of red sticky socks and get to sign the barre in the studio. Right now I’ve taken 5 classes. So I’m 5% of the way there….I’ve been taking three times a week, so far, and pondering adding a fourth day, but that probably won’t happen until post show. 

(Of course it’s not a cheap workout…my mom used to say I needed to marry someone really wealthy. It’s not my fault I like things that are expensive….but I’m expensive to keep up, anyway. And my doctors will be so psyched I’ve found a workout I like. So, it’s a medical expense. Right? Right.)


The Dominican Friars of our province have a glorious project–the Hymnarium

The Hymnarium O.P. is a hymnal  for the Liturgy of the Hours that makes available the Dominican heritage of liturgical hymnody.  It is has been published by the Liturgical Commission of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph in response to the 2010 Provincial Chapter’s wish that “the Dominican and wider Gregorian Chant traditions in the Conventual Mass and Office” and the desire of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council that chant “be given pride of place in liturgical services.”

They are currently fundraising for this project and are halfway to their goal! If you have some extra cash to spare, please consider donating. 


It’s NaNoWriMo prep time! Last year I did this and won, so I’m excited to do it again. This year the novel involves three bachelor brothers (one of whom is a duke), and two women in a car crash. And a fictional royal family. Oh yeah. Should be exciting!


Reading goal for the year (180 books) met. I feel awesome. I’m also currently reading Elizabeth Gilber’s The Signature of All Things and am enjoying it thus far. Hopefully that continues. 


And finally–Let’s Go Bucs! Pirates are in the MLB playoffs

This is either a Miracle of God, or a sign of the Apocalypse. I can’t decide which. 



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