Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 40

Outside my window: 

Clouds moving in. We’re supposed to get a cold front that’ll bring frost/freeze weather. Yeah Ohio in October. I mean I don’t like snow, but I don’t like the 80s in October, either. This is fine with me. 🙂


Finished House Like a Lotus, so re-reading Mother Teresa and Me. Also trying to finish A Feast for Crows.


Nutmeg colored cashmere V-neck sweater and a rust/cream/brown skirt. I had on boots that matched the sweater earlier, but I’m home so they’re off. 🙂


For pregnant friends

For Thomas Peters

for Elizabeth D., blog friend. 🙂

For friends who are sick/going through medical procedures.


Do we really think that eliminating suffering is what makes life worth living? Do people actually think it’s possible to eliminate it? Because it’s not…

From the kitchen::

Just sandwiches tonight. It’s the first week post-show, so I’m not up to much more than that.

In the CD player::

the Original Broadway Cast of Aida. But might change it to Loreena McKennit soon here.


Hoping to finish grandma’s Christmas scarf this week. Then on to a scarf for me. 🙂


Back to the Pure Barre classes, since I missed them last week due to Tech Week insanity.

Plans for the week::

Workout tomorrow and W; clean up rehearsal tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Show Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and CCD on Sunday morning.




2 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 40

  1. I love Fall and I am glad it is cooling off!
    You are right. Suffering is part of life. It is what makes us appreciate the good and peaceful times.
    Blessings, Emily

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