Doctor update 11/4

OK, so in the “education and awareness” category, here’s how today’s doctor appointment went down:

  • blood draw via the port. It liked me, life is good. Numbers here look happy except for a few things we’ll talk about later.
  • chest X-ray (CXR): No problems here
  • PFTs: WE just did basic pulmonary function tests (PFTs). These are stable. I was hoping the overall capacity would go up, but when I talked to my doctor he said that that probably won’t happen because: 1) Lot of scar tissue in the chest cavity limits the ability of expansion; 2) my lungs were trimmed, so also, limits expansion possibilities (lungs are “trimmed” when they are a bit too big for your body. I actually grew about 2 inches post transplant, but at the time I was about 5’2″. So, small.) and 3) my numbers are above normal for adults. 🙂 So Unless I Become Michael Phelps (swimmers actually can increase their capacity, to over 100% sometimes), we’re limited on what we can do here. I actually didn’t know all this, so I felt good after this talk
  • I have to have a colonoscopy next year for a baseline. I really don’t mind this. I’ve had all the “prep” drugs, or anyway, drugs of that ilk, before, so I’m fine with that. And it’s fun drugs. We’ll have to work our port access for IV access because, you know, my veins are FUN, but we can do that later. CF folk have a higher risk of colon cancer, and transplant increases that again (cancer, in general, although lymphoma is the most common one).
  • I’m seeing my ENT in January, because the sinuses hate me. So we may need surgery on those next year, too. My ENT likes to do it every other year, so 2012, 2014….
  • My blood work was good, but my iron levels were lower than normal (I”m anemic, so they’re usually low). So we’re trying to raise that level a bit by eating more red meat, and other iron rich foods. Apparently clams and oysters are high in iron, as well as things like sesame-seed bagels. Who knew?
  • Also the dietician has given me full rein to indulge the CHEESE. Because my bone density is awesome, and we like that, so cheese please! And dairy! She likes the fat free milk I drink from a nearby farm in Athens.
  • ALSO: I got to drop a drug! Yes! One of my meds is being removed from my list. My doctor, Dr. H, gave me the option and I took it. So yay! It’s weird seeing my drug dosages slowly reduce.
  • Don’t have to go back until Feb. 3. Score!



One thought on “Doctor update 11/4

  1. Yeah for dropping a drug!! Nope. I didn’t know that about swimmers, either. I wonder if it’s the same for other athletes, too. Oysters high in iron? Blech…it doesn’t make them any more palatable. Now clams I can agree with – fried clams, clam chowder, they’re all good!

    Super, super cool that lungs can be transplanted. I didn’t know that, either, until I met you.

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