Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 31



Happy St. Cecilia’s Day!

She is the patroness of all musicians, so I love this feast. And here’s the poem for this day, by John Dryden.


Last March, you may remember I visited the Dominicans of St. Cecilia in Nashville, TN. So happy patronal feast day to all the sisters there as well!

Statue of St. Cecilia at the Nashville Dominican Motherhouse.

Statue of St. Cecilia at the Nashville Dominican Motherhouse.


I know I have been terrible AWOL here lately, but between NaNoWriMo (I’m still chugging away, less than 20K words to go!) and random chaos, the blog muses haven’t been hanging around. I’m hoping that changes soon. NaNo takes most of my writing energy at the moment.


Last week’s adorable CCD quote:

Me: (Talking about the fourth commandment) And how do we honor our parents?
Anthony: We don’t stick our tongues out at them.

I love my class so, so much. And we managed to get through the entire story of Moses (well, minus the vivid plague descriptions) and the 10 commandments in one day! This week we’re covering the Annunciation and talking about Advent, since we’re off next week for Thanksgiving break.


Speaking of that–how the heck is it less than one week to Thanksgiving?! WOW! Fortunately I have inherited my mother’s early shopping gene, so I’m about done with my Christmas gifts. I still need to get two more things but I’m ordering those today. For Turkey Day, “we are going out to eat”, and I’m taking Pure Barre class that morning so I can eat sans guilt. 🙂


Reading: I’m re-reading the Royal Diaries and still in Abandonment to Divine Providence. And I have a beef with B&N.

B&N: I love you. But please put only NEW books (as in, released in the past month) in the “new books’ section,  not books that were released in March and thus are not new anymore, and then it’s hard to find legitimately new books. Pleaaase fix this! Why do you do this?!


Watched Man of Steel this week. I generally really liked it. How could I not with three of my favorite actors in it (Amy Adams, Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe?) But I did find two essentially back to back scenes of massive fighting and destruction a bit…wearying. But I know much less about Superman than I do about say, Batman, so maybe this is how it goes?


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