Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 32



I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Mine was quiet; we went out for dinner to the Buxton Inn in a nearby college town, and only my mom and I had traditional turkey. My dad had a seafood dish, Bryan had steak, and Melanie had salmon, so we were all happy! The Inn was built in 1812, so it’s got a historical streak my mom and I enjoy (and it may be haunted. Maybe. Possibly.).

Before that, I’d gone to my parents’ house and watched some football and worked on knitting. After, I came home and did MORE knitting and watched The Godfather Part II on AMC, and football. So a quiet Thanksgiving, which was nice.


Today I think I’m going out with my brother and his girlfriend for dinner and putting up my tree and maybe movies/shopping? We’ll see. I always like help putting up my tree since it’s sort of a complicated process. I have the tree itself, then the lights, then the strands of decorations, then the ornaments (of which I have many). The Advent wreath and Nativity scene are already in place, minus Baby Jesus in the creche. 🙂


I can’t believe Advent starts tomorrow. I love Advent. I like to go to the Vigil Mass so that I’m there–bang–right when Advent starts, and hopefully I can get to confession beforehand. We’ll see if this is all possible. It’s OSU/Michigan (aka “The Game”) day here so it should be fairly quiet on the roads since most everyone will be inside watching the game.


One of my favorite Advent books is Come, Lord Jesus, by Mother Mary Francis, PCC. If you haven’t read this, please do yourself a favor and order it. She gives so much wonderful food for thought in this season of waiting and preparation. (Because, y’know, it’s not all about the shopping!)


I haven’t seen Frozen yet, but I am liking the soundtrack very much. Idina Menzel does a great job and the songs are pretty witty (there are a few lyrics that are a little cockeyed, but I can forgive that. I think.). The songs are composed by a different person than the musical score, which is interesting, but I think it works? At least on the CD. I hope to see the movie this weekend so I can tell you how it works in actuality.


I have to make a list today of holiday things: gifts to wrap, cards to send out, and how I’m going to package said gifts. Most people are done, although not everyone. I want to hit Hallmark today or tomorrow and get some Grinch gift bags which I adore for packing people’s gifts. Who doesn’t love the Grinch, I ask?

(I may had an abnormal love for him; my dad, brother and I used to re-enact the Grinch stories in  our basement, with Bryan as Max the Dog and Dad as the Grinch. I was Cindy Lou Who, who was way more than two, when we did this. :-p So I love Grinch things.)


On Wednesday we got dismissed from work at noon. So I went home, had Chipotle, and read the Valentine series by Adriana Trigiani, including the newest book, The Supreme Macaroni Company. It was cold and my fire was “lit” (It’s a gas fireplace, so it was really “on”). It was glorious: reading, good food, and a fire. And snow outside! Perfect.


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