Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 43

Outside my window::

A good 3-4″ of fresh white powder from a “dusting” this morning. The weathermen here seem to be living in Wonderland; we call for a big storm, we get limited snow, we call for a dusting, we get dumped on (well, a bit. It’s a dumping when you’re expecting less than an inch!). Opposite day, anyone?

I agree with Olaf:


Nutmeg colored boots; black v-neck, empire waist dress, and a cranberry camisole under it, with my Our Lady of Knots and St. Thomas Aquinas medals.

In the CD player::

FrozenYeah. I probably need to switch it out.


One Thousand White Women; A Dance With Dragons; Outlander (again); Come Lord Jesus, The Greatest Gift

Keeping Advent::

Went to confession on Saturday. Score! Also the last two books above are Advent devotionals.

Christmas prep::

Working on that last Christmas scarf, and a few more cards to send out.

From the kitchen::

Girls’ dinner party on Saturday, so: salad, St. Lucia buns, and beef and cider pot for that. Saturday is St. Lucia’s day, so let’s party with buns, since I am Italian, bien sur!

Around the house::

I need to start wrapping gifts. I am horrible at this. Once I was about nine, my dad had me wrap my mom’s presents. I didn’t do too well, but….so I am not the world’s best gift wrapper. I do, however, have AWESOME paper with the Grinch and various characters on it. (For the roots of my Grinch love, go here, number 6)


The novel is resting. In January I start revisions.


…I ask you to take this very deeply into your prayer, so that we are not just facilely mouthing, “Come, come!” without realizing what we are saying. Then each “Come” would ring very hollow in heaven. We want it to fill the world; we want to reach out to all the world, so that is says, “Come!”  If we open wide, he will come in; he will grow within us, in each of our lives and in the life of our community, and we will be able to respond with joy to everything his coming asks for us, expected, unexpected; ordinary or extraordinary; predictable or unpredictable. He will come in and give us the strength as he says, “I will take my repast with him; I will take supper with him, if he lets me in.” Then we will be nourished unto the fullness of him whom we have allowed to come into our souls, whom we have allowed to come into us both in himself and through the sisterhood.”

–Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C. “Come, Lord Jesus: Meditations on the Art of Waiting”, Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

Plans for the week::

Dinner party on Saturday

Girls’ night and gift exchange on Friday with Tiffy (movie night!)

Gaudete Sunday and last CCD class until 2014!


2 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 43

  1. Beautiful Almanac.
    I love that you say “nutmeg” boots instead of brown or tan. Love that. You have a great descriptive gift.
    Anyway – Great post.

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