Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 44

Outside my window::

It’s not snowing! For the record, this has been the 8th snowiest December on record in Columbus–and it’s not even winter yet. Oy vey! It will, however, be snowing later today……about an inch of so.


Tan pants, a navy blue boatneck top, my Pandora charm bracelet, and really warm wool socks. Smartwool, thou art my friend.


One Thousand White Women, The Fiery Cross (re-reading the Outlander series), Writing Down the Bones (a Christmas gift from Tiff)

In the CD player::

A Midwinter Night’s Dream. I have swapped out Frozen, but now I have the Frozen sheet music, so…. 🙂

Keeping Advent::

The O Antiphons start today with Wisdom. I love the O Antiphons!

Christmas Prep::

That last scarf! And writing a list of gifts received so I can write Thank You notes.


Birthdays. Today is the Pope’s, and Beethoven; Jane Austen’s was yesterday. Let’s party!

From the kitchen::

Nothing tonight, but I did have a very successful dinner party on Saturday! Beef and cider pot along with a salad (greens, capers, red onion, and a vinaigrette with dijon mustard, EVOO, worchestershire, steak seasoning, white wine vinegar)

Around the house::

I think my vacuum cleaner is broken. 😦 So this makes me a bit unhappy. Thankfully it will warm up to the 50s (!) and rain this weekend so my car will get clean!


There is another very ordinary expression that I wonder how often we ponder: someone has a job to “wait on tables”. What do we mean by that? Not that you stand there and do nothing–quite the opposite! You are moving all the time. You are taking care of people’s needs. You are watching out for needs; you don’t even wait until they are expressed. You see that everyone is taken care of, that no one is missed. This is what we mean by waiting. And our dear Lord tells us that he rewards waiting–with waiting! Isn’t that marvelous? “Blessed are those whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival. Amen, I say to you, he will gird himself, have them recline at table, and proceed to wait on them (Lk 12:37).” The reward for focus, for service, for active waiting upon the Lord is that he will wait on us. I think that is the most marvelous truth that the Church shows us in the Scriptures. This is how we rewards us for right, energetic, focused, joyous waiting for him. God always does this. When we wait upon him, then he waits upon our needs.

Who would not want to wait upon Jesus hand and foot? Well, so often the answer is that we are the ones who do not want to do this. Where is he? In the tabernacle, yes; in the world of Scripture, yes; and in the  persons in this room. We want to wait upon him hand and foot in one another, so that he may wait upon us. The more we do this, the more do we enter into the joy of the child, who says in the right way, with the wisdom peculiar to the child, unencumbered by the complexities and rationalizations of the adult, “I can’t wait! I can hardly bear the deliciousness of this activity of waiting!”

How do you wait for someone whom you really love? You do all kinds of things; you have all kinds of surprises awaiting the loved one. It is an expression of love. Real waiting always begets this loving “doing.” It eases the burden of waiting, which otherwise can scarcely be borne, as the child knows so well. The person waiting at the window is full of activity. When we are waiting for the loved one to come down the road, our heart is poudning, our eyes are straining, our whole body is taut, leaning forward. Someone is coming! Someone whom we love above all is coming! And now, in Advent, the One who we love about all is coming. The Church is giving us these precious days to focus the eye, to let the heart pound because he is coming. He will come. By the love of waiting for his little red lights that say, “Step back, now, because someone else needs to be served”, we will enter into the deliciousness of the real “Can’t wait.” We shall understand that when waiting is rightly comprehended, it is a deliciousness that is already indeed a wink of bliss.

–Mother Mary Francis, PCP, Come Lord Jesus, December 17: Waiting

Plans for the week::

Blood drive at work on Thursday and office Christmas lunch; Friday my parents and I are going out to lunch, and Saturday I’m planning to see The Book Thief with a theater pal.


3 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 44

  1. I LOVE snow! Of course, we don’t see much of it down here, which is probably why we like it so much. We don’t have to drive around and function in it!

    One Thousand White Women is on my to read list…I hope to get to it in 2014.

  2. Did I tell you I have the 1000 White Women book and haven’t read it yet? Sigh!
    YAY snow.
    YAY for successful new recipes.
    Have a great week…

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