Patron Saint for 2014

So every year Jen at Conversion Diary runs the Saint Generator, which gives you your patron saint for the upcoming year.

this year, my patron is St. Catherine del Ricci, which is somewhat ironic; she’s the patron of sick people, and was also a lay Dominican (there were called tertiaries, back in the day).  I have to say, after reading about her, I like her muchly. This sounds like a saint I can really like! (Not that we can’t like all saints, but you get my drift. Right?)

Head over to Jen’s if you want your own patron saint for 2014.


3 thoughts on “Patron Saint for 2014

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  2. Dear Living Adventurously,
    Thank you for the link. I too chose a saint for 2014. My saint is St. Vladimir I of Kiev, better known as Vladimir the Great. Patron saint of converts. That is awesome because I used to teach RCIA for many years back in the ’80s. I am going to spread the word to others.

    God bless,

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