Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 47

Outside my window:

It is frigid. We’re talking below 0, without wind chill, for the actual temperature. With wind chill, it’s in the negative 20s and 30s. So what am I wearing? The warmest clothes I have–my only turtleneck, light blue cashmere, brown pants, wool socks. Tomorrow it’s going to be negative temps for the high. Yeah. So I’ll look like Randy in A Christmas Story, as opposed to a human being…. Good thing I have so many scarves!

I am never, ever complaining about heat again. Ever. I love all heat. Sun. Sand. Warm water. Oh heck yes.

whirpool lurking at Stormalong Bay, Walt Disney World's Beach Club Resort

whirpool lurking at Stormalong Bay, Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort


Mythology, by Edith Hamilton; also re-reading One Thousand Gifts. Also there’s a facebook group: Reading Augustine’s City of God in 2014. I joined and my copy should be coming today. Doctors of the Church, yo! On deck: Charles Dickens, Dance with Dragons.


This right here. Join us?

From the kitchen::

My new planner has a great feature where I can write in the week’s menu at the bottom of each day. Keeps me so organized.

Tonight: Greek Shrimp with Feta

T: Jamie Oliver’s meatloaf (because it’s going to be really cold, and this requires a really hot oven)

W: Stir-fry, or pasta

Th: Mustard and apple pork chops

F: Cacio e pepi (pasta with pepper and cheese)

Around the house::

Vacuuming today. Dusting. The usual. Nothing that involves going outside. 🙂

In the CD player::

Frozen soundtrack. A propos, right? Been listening to David Neuve’s etheral piano recordings, though, at home. Check them out if you love gentle, soothing music. It’s great when I’m writing or cooking.

1000 gifts::

I’m up to No. 84 in my journal!

Plans for the week::

Not to freeze? Sounds like a good plan. 🙂 We warm up on Wednesday and Thursday though, praise Jesus. Lay Dominicans meeting on Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 47

  1. It’s so cold here too. We have been inside with fire going all day. Homeschool was half day!
    Great Almanac.

  2. Nice planner feature! Comfort food for cold, cold weather. I guess you can’t go wrong with that (I come from the tropics).

    Stay dry, warm, healthy, and indoors. God bless.

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