Seven Quick Takes Vol. 34



So the first full week of 2014 saw old time cold weather records broken, cars frozen over, kids off of school, but then 50 degree weather. Apocalypse now! 🙂 Negative temps without windchill…it was crazy.

But, my dad came to the rescue. I woke up Monday morning to find him out in the parking lot scraping off my car, making sure the car even started, and then he drove me to work. I summoned him inside for coffee first. Yes, I have an awesome dad.


To continue the crazy weather, there were thunderstorms this morning. Whatever is happening, weather wise, it’s gonna happen in Ohio. Insanity.


Olympic bugness has bit–and I feel the desire to go ice skating. Ice skating is one of the sports I can actually do with a fair degree of decency. I have good balance, I can do a few skating tricks (no, nothing major, but I can do a spread eagle, very simple jumps, and other basic things), and it doesn’t involve running. Somehow, skating fast is much better to me than running. When I was younger I used to put on my roller blades and imagine Olympic routines in the basement. If I tried that now I’d probably hit my head on the ceiling when I tried a waltz jump. Not a good idea. (I’m about 7 inches taller than I was back then.)


I have a FitBit one now, and I have it because Jennifer spoke of its glories in her Seven Quick Takes this week. I have to say I really like it. It has a death grip on my clothes so I’m not worried about losing it, it attaches to your bra (bonus if you’re wearing a dress, like I do a lot of the time), and it tracks sleep. I have, apparently, 100% sleep efficiency. Ergo, I am a sleep expert, and I rule. 🙂 And yes, part of the reason I want to skate is to rack up numbers on the One. So, I suppose it’s working!


In my quest to count 1000 gifts this year, I am already up to 126. I feel very happy about that. And the Bible Memorization plan is coming along swimmingly! I am really loving this study. You can still join! Ann is talking about the first verse on Wednesday and I’ll have my own reflections up here.


There were some hard bumps in the road this week–stress of getting back into routine, of feeling like everything is dark and gloomy, that I’m not really doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. But then I remember the word for the year. I am determined not to let these thoughts get me down. It can be so easy when it’s dark and cold to just want to give in to nasty and negative thoughts.

God is always good, and I am always loved.

That’s a sentence to hold on to, tight.


Reading: Started the biography of Charles Dickens, which is really interesting thus far. I didn’t know he’d met the real Earl Grey (yes, the guy the tea is named after!). I finished Mythology, which was good; I did skim the Oedipus section, I admit. I know all about that. I’ve read the play trilogy twice now, and I’m all Oedipus-ed out, although I’d love to play Antigone. City of God is also chugging along. The chapters are very short, so it’s not difficult to make headway there, but some of it is dense, so it’s not quick reading. But I am enjoying it.


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