Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 48

Outside my window

A glorious sunrise this morning, all sherbet pink and orange and purple and deep blue. One nice thing about the sun rising later–I’m awake to see it!


Grey pleated skirt, black flats, emerald green wrap top, and silver lotus flower earring. They were my Christmas gift to myself, those earrings, and I wear them almost every day.  (They’re the ones Natalie Portman is wearing in the photo below)

(and yes, I got them because I saw them in Black Swan. I am weird like that)


Over the weekend I had a stomach bug so I did a bit of reading: I finished Charles Dickens (he was not a nice man. I’m sorry. But he wasn’t. Or let me rephrase that: he was nice to everyone except his wife and most of his kids. He had a great heart for charity. Also, the author’s insertion of her opinion about the novels is sort of irritating.) and Renewed, and The Invention of Wings (which was good, but the narrator jumping back and forth was a bit choppy at times). This week, more City of God and I’m finally reading Michael Pollan’s Cooked. Reading the Dickens bio also made me want to read more of his early stuff, including Dombey and Little Curiosity Shop, so I might have to track those down.


ThisTalking about the first verse on Wednesday! Join us?


From the kitchen::

Tonight: Cacio e Pepi–pasta with cheese and pepper. Lots of pepper.

Tuesday: Lazy bolognese on penne (two pasta nights in a row? I try not to do that, but sometimes… 🙂 )

Wednesday: Salmon

Thursday: No idea. Need to find something.

Friday: Out

Saturday: Meatloaf, a  new recipe. I’m looking for my favorite one.

Made a lovely pork chop with mustard, onions and apples (and apple cider) last night, though. Very easy.

Around the house::

The usual Monday things–trash out, vacuuming, dusting, etc. According to Fly Lady we’re in the master bath and one extra room this week, so that’s my bathroom and the office/book room.

In the CD player::

A mix CD I made ages ago.

1000 gifts:: 

Up to No. 143. 🙂

This week::

ENT appointment at lunch time tomorrow. The sinuses need checked out, for sure.

Pure Barre tonight, W and Thursday–getting back in the class groove.

Teaching CCD as usual on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 48

  1. It took me 15 years to finally make a good meatloaf. I know, feel very sorry for Chris; he had to endure all the trial and error. My favorite recipe has burger, sausage, eggs, crackers, tomato sauce, onion soup mix (or just some dehydrated onions and salt and pepper).

  2. I hope you are much better now. Three books! At least, you got something good out of the bug… That’s a good exercise — understanding the works of authors bt reading their bio. Gosh, how I wish I have the time!

    I like pleats on soft fabrics… and those earrings are pretty!

    Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

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