It’s a major award!

One of my new Internet besties, Cristina, has gifted me with awards!

I feel special.

(The pictures are being silly, so here’s only one of them. )


I feel so loved, peeps. 🙂

Now for nominations. Well, I suck at this. I don’t read many “personal” blogs, I read ones that most people are already quite familiar with. And since I can’t gift Cristina again (I don’t think, anyway), I shall give a nod to Elizabeth F., whose blog I love dearly, and she is a wonderful sweet person.


So now I have to tell you 10 things about myself. That you don’t know, already. It’s part of the fun.

So, here we go:

1) My confirmation saint: St. Therese. I know, lots of people pick her. But we have a lot in common, so I picked her, and we get along well.

2) When I was younger, I wanted five kids. I’d still like lots of kids, but you know. Biology. 😛

3) My transplant surgery took 10 hours. It’s supposed to take 4-6.

4) One of my least-favorite books is Moby-Dick. Dear Herman: Decide if you want the book to be a novel, or a whale encyclopedia. Thanks.

5) The first role I ever had in a show was Snow White in preschool, because I could sing “Someday My Prince Will Come.” (the other girl could not. I WIN.)

6) My favorite Shakespeare play is King Lear.

7) I flunked swimming lessons as a kid, since I couldn’t float properly. I can now float (maybe not properly), but I can’t really swim correctly, either. But I can make do.

8) My favorite color is blue (used to be pink as a kid. So the whole pink/blue split in Sleeping Beauty is very familiar to me.)

9) I went to horse-back riding day camp the summer before sixth grade and learned to ride a horse, curry a horse, do everything involved with horses. It was awesome.

10) I am afraid of making pie with a proper crust. I can make precisely two pies, and neither of them involve rolling out a crust first.


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