The Bible Project 2014, Week 1: In the beginning…


In the beginning

A lot of stories begin that way. “It is always best to start at the beginning.”–Glinda. “Start at the beginning, and continue to the end, then stop.” —Alice in Wonderland

In seventh grade, my religion teacher, a former sister, had us learn “choral reading”. For our text, she chose this verse to start. Eventually, we did the entire Prologue to the Gospel of John. This could be what started my love affair with this Gospel.

I love John. I love his poetry, his words, the great speeches of Jesus he puts down. John, to me, is a gospel for writers. So many words.

So much logos. Logos–word.

In the beginning, was the word.


For a writer, this is exciting. Words!! Words have always been there.

And the Word is a person. A Word is…


The word.

In the beginning….

was the Word.

And the Word was with God.

And the Word was God.

God was a word.

God spoke words, and things were made.

There was never been a time without God, without The Word.

Words can be so many things. Ugly. Beautiful. Redemptive. Heartfelt. Hurtful. Painful. Inspiring. Joy-and-life-giving.

What kind of words do I speak? What do I want to speak?


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