The Bible Project 2014: Week 2, Light Shines

There’s a line in Farmer Boy, the book by Laura Ingalls Wilder about her husband, Almanzo’s, early years with his family in New York State:

When the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen.

Here in Ohio, that is true. The days are longer, but this month we have been plunged into frigid cold. The temperature outside is 4 degrees.

Do we ever feel that way about God?

We see the light–but it’s cold light.

We see God–but He is so cold, so remote, so far away.



It can be winter in our souls. We need His warmth, and light.

And so God sends it to us–He sends His only son to give us Light.

Even in the bleak midwinter–light. Warmth. God’s life in our souls, always, because there has never been a time without God.

On winter nights, the stars are so clear and brilliant–but they seem so impossibly remote.

God is not remote to us. He brings us light that no darkness can overcome. It may be, in some seasons, a tiny, flickering candle flame. It may seem so fragile.

But no amount of darkness can destroy the light. The light is there, shining.



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