Seven Quick Takes Vol. 35



What a week.

So we started with this, which lead to me being hermit-ish all week, which worked out well, because now I have a cold.  Now in the grand scheme of my life, a cold is not a huge deal–even with a suppressed immune system–but since we’re doing Super Immunosuppression This Week, it’s a bit more of a Deal that usual. I’m hoping that I can get over it with a day and half of hermitness.

The Massive Steroid doses have stopped, praise Jesus, so maybe now I’ll stop wanting to eat the table?


In addition to the steroid doses, there’s also two new antibiotics on board, which you would think would help with the cold thing, but….not so much so far. Oh well. At least I can take cold meds now; I couldn’t before, with CF, since the last thing you want is anything that’s a cough suppressant in any way.


The huge benefit to all this, obviously, is that I’ve gotten to read a lot. 🙂 I ordered four Dickens novels from Amazon last week and they arrived, thankfully, on Monday, so I was able to read two of them. I’m hoping to get through Pickwick Papers today. Of course my overriding sentiment with Dickens is that his books would have been much better with an editor. I do realize that he wrote and got paid as a columnist for most of his writing. But still.

That being said, I really enjoyed Dombey and Son (much more than I thought I would, even if the titular son does, erm, disappear rather early), and I liked Old Curiosity Shop, although there is a clear instance of toooooo mannnnny characters. Oh well.


I do need to leave the hermit nest today, if briefly, to re-stock the kitchen. It’s going to get really cold again. When I say “really cold”, I mean temps below 0 sans wind chill.

I am aware it is winter. I am aware, in winter, it gets cold. I have lived in the state of Ohio my entire life, and I’m well-aware of this.

But I severely dislike cold that is in single digits, and below zero. And yes, I’m gonna complain about it. It’s pretty if I don’t have to go out into it (snow, anyway.). But it shouldn’t be like getting ready to go deep sea diving just to take out the trash. That’s ridiculous.


Another thing I did this week was knit some bookmarks. I have actually gotten much better at this, and they LOOK LIKE bookmarks! Huzzah! The yarn is from Knit picks, and I think it’s been discontinued, sadly. It was called Imagination and had all sorts of fairy tale colors. I’ll have to put pictures up later. The two completed bookmarks are in “Unicorn”, with lots of baby pastels, and I’d like to knit one in “Loch Ness”, which is deeper blue, greens, browns–very Scottish looking.


In a sampling of why you will never be totally prepared for CCD in 1st grade, this is what the kids asked last week (small sampling):

“When did St. Joseph die?” (we don’t know, but before Jesus began His public ministry at age 30)

“How did St. Joseph die?” (Again, don’t know)

“How did Mary die?” (Explanation of the Assumption)

“When we use holy water, are we re-baptizing ourselves?” (Explanation of sacramentals)


And, finally: this.

Praise Jesus. An anthem singer I can tolerate!


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