Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 49

Outside my window::

Oh, it’s MORE SNOW. 

Yeah, I’m ready for winter to be over. -5 in the A.M. when I leave for work. My poor car.


wool socks, brown pants, light blue cashmere turtleneck. It’s like my really cold day work uniform.


Pickwick Papers, City of God. It’s cold, and I’m not going anywhere. I am reading and drinking tea. And watching hockey.

Around the house::

So, since I’m inside, I should be cleaning, right? Does eating down the fridge count? 🙂

In all seriousness, the house isn’t in awful shape. My parents helped me clean it a bit last week so that helped immensely. The sink is clean (for FlyLady peeps…. 🙂 ), and the dishes are also clean, so tat’s two big winners right there.

In the kitchen::

A lot of pasta. Because, why not. Going to try a Barefoot Contessa menu later this week of chicken piccata and roasted onions. It looked so good on the show. I also made a pork chop dish last week that was excellent (pork chop, onions, apples. Yes.). If it’s gonna be cold, I’m gonna be cooking. Might even make stew this weekend.


Feeling much better post antibiotic magic. Huzzah! Re-doing PFTs on Wednesday to see if they are up/down/stable. Hoping for up, or stable. I DO NOT want to see them go down anymore. No. Negative. Just nope.

In the CD player::

The Original Broadway Cast recording for Once.

Plans for the week::

PFTs on Wednesday, and a blood draw Thursday morning to check drug levels for one of my immunosuppressants. Auditions for a show this weekend!


One thought on “Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 49

  1. I can imagine that you are OVER IT! But boy am I jealous.
    I never really tired of it.
    Here it just gets cold… very rarely snows.
    Break a leg on your audition. Do people still say that?

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