Pondering the Mysteries: The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery

So far in His Passion, Jesus has experience emotional, physical, and spiritual pain—and yet His work isn’t done. He has to take His own cross, the instrument of His death, to the place of execution, where he will be stripped of His garments, nailed to the wood, and then left to die.

Along the way, Jesus will fall, tradition tells us, three times. He will be comforted by His mother; He will meet St. Veronica, who will wipe his face with a cloth in an attempt to give Him some relief. The women of Jerusalem will watch his tortured walk, sobbing behind the soldiers who stand guard with their horses and lances. And an innocent stranger will be drafted into service to help Jesus.

Can you imagine helping God? God being so weak that do simply walk, He needs your help?…

Read the rest at Plain Grace. 


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