Seven Quick Takes Vol. 36



I am a Hothian


I have not, yet, slept inside a Tauntan.


It’s actually not cold right now. I mean, “cold” as we’ve experienced it this winter. It’s about 35 degrees out right now, so I’ll take that.  Go warmth! 🙂


I had an audition for The Miracle Worker yesterday. I’ve loved this play since I first read it in junior high, and getting a part is high on my theater bucket list. I read two scenes as Kate (Helen’s mom) and should hear sometime this week. I would love to do this show, so…fingers crossed!


CCD funny from today:

Me: Saints weren’t always saints. We’ve had saints who were alcoholics.

Girl in back: puts her hands over her mouth and gasps loudly.

I had to stop myself from laughing. It was great.


After a brief downward trend, my PFTs (pulmonary function) has bounced back about 50 again so that makes me very, very happy. When I get blow 50 I get cranky. About 50, and we’re pretty good. I’m still on antibiotics that my ENT prescribed…not really sure if they’re doing anything, but whatever, right? I see him again on Valentine’s Day to see if I will need sinus surgery this year.


Reading: Just finished a great new novel, Under the Wide and Starry Sky, about Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife, Fanny. A very good read. I’m also reading Provence 1970Pickwick Papers, Drums of Autumn (re-reading the Outlander series), Forth and Abroad, and I won a copy of A Star for Mrs. Blake, which should be arriving this week. I love Goodreads giveaways, people. I’ll have a review for Mrs. Blake up here once I’ve read it. The point of giveaways is to get good press for the book, so I’ll write a review (and hope it’s a good one.)


In the Oscar sweeps: I’ve seen FrozenDespicable Me 2, and Captain Phillips. I really hope that the actor from Captain Phillips wins Best Supporting Actor, because he’s great. The movie itself was very suspenseful and well-acted (especially the last scene).


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