Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 50

Outside my window::

Lots of snow last night, and now it’ll be cold. Brrrrrr.


Since it’s sort of warm: brown boots, an A-line skirt from Boden with a sort of leaf-theme, and a blue Ann Taylor tunic.


Pickwick PapersCity of God. 

In the CD player::

Frozen. Because, yeah.


Working on knitting some bookmarks, and writing a column for Plain Grace. 


An ideal horarium, or life schedule. What would be on it? So far….time for writing; Mass; the Divine Office; reading; knitting; exercising (since, you know, I”d have time to do it and not be rushed)….what else? What are the things I really want to incorporate into my days? And if I had all sorts of time….what could I do/learn? I’d love to learn Italian, for starters…


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