Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 37


I .

I got my tax refund yesterday, which meant: I GOT THE PRECIOUS.

something like this....

something like this….

I was crazy excited. The Precious is a 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display. My old MacBook was giving up the ghost–running very slowly and refusing to charge unless I did a crazy dance with the charger plug. So, as soon as the money arrived, I got this, and a USB Super Port, so I can add my CDs to my iTunes library and burn the discs I buy to actual disc. I’m old school that way.


Have you heard about this conference? I am not a mom–heck, I’m not even married–but I would love to go. Swinging airfare+conference fare+room fare, though…..expensive. Sigh. And I might be doing a summer musical then. But oh how I’d love to go to something like this!


What is with this “team figure skating” thing? Is anyone else confused? I sort of am.


So we had another storm–10.7″ of snow at Port Columbus, officially, Tuesday night. That meant no work on Wednesday. I was at my parents’ house Tuesday-today, and let me tell you, I am glad to be home, because I missed my bed and my lights. 🙂 I love my parents but you get used to living a certain way, with your preferences.

While I slept on the bed in the guest room I kept thinking of Poor Clares and their straw pallets. And it was better than that. But it wasn’t my tempurpedic mattress and fun polka-dot sheets. And my tub wasn’t there either. I like my creature comforts, I do. My body has so many involuntary mortifications that I have to treat it nicely sometimes, or it’ll just hate me forever.


I love teaching CCD. It really is a highlight of my week. I’m not teaching this week–the other teacher is, so I’m the Discipline Enforcer–but we have such great kids. You never know what you’ll end up talking about in First Grade CCD! I also have Lay Dominicans afterwards on Sunday, so I have to figure out something to make for the potluck lunch we have. It’s part of community building, which is one of our four pillars. 


I’m going to see Renee Fleming sing Rusalka tomorrow and I am so excited. I love the Met Live in HD program; I go to my local movie theater, I pay a fraction of the cost of a Met ticket, and I see live, glorious opera. And there’s intermission! Coming fresh off Renee’s National Anthem triumph, I’m expecting a glorious performance in one of her signature roles.

Renee Fleming as Rusalka

Renee Fleming as Rusalka


I want to finish some reading this weekend, post-Rusalka, especially Pickwick Papers. It’s a bit different than Dickens’ other novels, in that it’s not really “plotted.” It was written in committee and stuff just happens in it. But it always reminds me of Little Women, when the sisters are acting out scenes from it.


4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 37

  1. Oh hey, fellow Columbus-person! I was checking out some of the links at Jen’s and stumbled onto yours. It’s nice to “meet” you!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one totally lost by this team figure skating thing. Is it for another medal? Is it something the media came up with? Very lost.

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