Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 38



(OK, just so you know–there’s some grumpiness ahead. Sorry)

So this week I’ve sort of been in the dumps because, you know, it’s Valentine’s Day week and I’m single…sigh. I think it’s just the winter blahs. I hope it’s just the winter blahs. So tomorrow night I’ll have to ponder something awesome fun to do that involves chocolate, hopefully.


I got a new dresser this week. I’d had the first one for 20+ years, so never let it be said I don’t get my use out of furniture! This is a maple wood dresser/mini armoire combo. The dresser part has four drawers–two small, two long–and the “armoire” part is a bit taller and has a drawer and three shelves behind a door. I just adore it, and the new lamp that goes on the top because my house has no overhead lighting in the bedrooms. BOO! I need light! So I’m glad to have this new guy in my house and, ergo, a more organized room, because I have places for things, as opposed to having a dresser where drawers fall out, don’t open, etc.


I signed up to attend my diocese’s Catholic Women’s Conference this week. I’m really excited about it, because the schedule looks great, and I hope to meet some other great Columbus Diocesan Catholic Women! 🙂 I also get continuing education credits which help my CCD teaching credentials. So–yes! If you live in or around Columbus, you should come! I’d love to meet you!


I’m also going to a silent retreat the weekend before my birthday. I love and need silent retreats, so I’m glad to go to this one at our local retreat center. It is vital to my spiritual well-being! I hope it’s not really cold, though, because I love to walk the center’s grounds.


Can I share a bee in my bonnet?

(Of course I can. It’s my blog)

I have noticed a lot of Catholic schools don’t accept/ have support for handicapped–whether physically or mentally or with learning disabilities–students. My elementary school had only stairs. I remember students with broken legs being carried by their fathers to their classrooms, and classmates bringing their lunch tray to their room so they could eat. I know many schools around here pride themselves on their “advanced” curriculum, but they don’t work with students who may not be on that level (at least they didn’t when I was in school.)

Now, I see Wyoming Catholic College doesn’t accept students who are physically disabled–and thus, unable to perform the intense outdoor activities that they “require”. I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t been sued yet. So if a good, devout Catholic kid wants to go to WCC, but they have only one arm, or are blind or deaf, or have CF (like moi)–they can’t go. The school says it will not accept them. 

Last time I checked, rock climbing and white-water rafting have nothing to do with your academic and intellectual abilities.

I know there are other Catholic colleges in America, but there is a dearth of ones that are truly Catholic. So, in this limited category, we’re going to deny a place to Catholics who may be disabled?

Not cool, WCC. Not cool.


This weekend is a long weekend for me, praise Jesus. Saturday I’m planning on going to the Vigil Mass and then having dinner with my parents; Sunday I’m teaching my CCD class about the trinity, and I have a Mac Class with the Precious (and I’m hoping to get my iPad fixed), and dinner with my brother. Monday I have an appointment with my dermatologist to make sure we don’t have any weird pre-cancerous stuff happening (skin cancer is a big risk with a suppressed immune system+drugs that make your skin photosensitive (sensitive to sunlight). ) Even though I’m 1/2 Italian, I am vigilant about sunscreen! I’m also seeing my ENT today and hopefully we’ll get some sinus surgery on the schedule so they will behave.


And this: last minute addition. Legal assisted suicide for kids in Belgium is close to being law.

That is just….wow. I can’t even imagine. What sort of place is this? We don’t let 12 year olds decide whether to go to school for pete’s sake. Yet, Belgium’s going to allow them to decide if they want to die?

There is also no reason for it. We have drugs that can alleviate pain, completely. If you don’t want to be in pain, you won’t be. What sort of society are we creating when people are thrown away like trash, when we think it’s “progressive” to allow them to end their lives because they are suffering? Everyone suffers. Everyone will die, which , I realize, most people seem to forget.

No one gets out of here alive. Death can be painless. It can be excruciating. It can be ridiculously easy. But everyone is born, and everyone will die. Thinking that we can “control” life is the most ridiculous, inane statement ever.


3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 38

  1. Emily, I have a dear friend who has CF (so does her one and only sister), and, if I were WCC, I’d be missing out on the contribution that friend could make to their classes. Good point there!

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