Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 52

Outside my window:

Well, OK, it’s Panera’s window. 🙂 (I have the day off) Cloudy, white sky, snow. Snow. Snow mountains in parking lots. Going to get “wintry mix” this afternoon, whatever that means.


Jeans, a blue v-neck tee and a v-neck boyfriend cardigan, blue flats. (Yes. All Blue. All the Time.)


The Grace of Ars, I Always Loved You, Pickwick, City of God, Harry Potter #3

Around the house::

Changed the bathmats in the master bath today and need to change my sheets. I went to the dermatologist this morning and he took a biopsy from one hand, and burned off a thing on the other, so my hands are sort of odd, so maybe no sheet changing today. But sometime this week, for sure. Also the regular dusting, sweeping, etc. Also, I finished planning my CCD classes for the rest of the year. I am so excited. Go me!


Working on revising the manuscript of my 2012 NaNo novel so I can enter it in a Catholic writing contest.


Lent prep, starting with this.

And then, this.

My next CCD lesson, incidentally, is about Lent for the kiddos–we’re talking about the calendar, fasting, giving things up, all that jazz. As first graders, they don’t have to fast, but it’s a good thing to talk about, anyway.

Plans for the week::

Thank God it’s a short week. 🙂 Not much on the calendar, which is nice. A warm up is coming!! Rejoice! 🙂





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