Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 39



I’m going to my first Diocesan Catholic Women’s Conference tomorrow! I am crazy excited to hear the wonderful speakers and hang out with great ladies. 🙂 I’ll have a recap here.


The conference is well-timed, because Lent is coming….it’s coming…have you thought about it? Well if you haven’t:

* Read this.

*My “seven posts in seven days”, which starts tomorrow, is all about Lent! Lent-y goodness, folks! So get ready. 🙂


I started watching The White Queen miniseries–it’s finally out on DVD and I missed it last summer because I don’t have Starz (I might need to get it before Outlander comes on this summer, though). The series is based on Philippa Gregory’s Cousins War series, which goes through the Wars of the Roses from the women’s perspective, so our main characters are: Jacquetta Rivers; her daughter, Queen Elizabeth, who married King Edward; Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry Tudor (to be Henry VII); Anne Neville, daughter of King Edward’s closest confidant; and Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, also named Elizabeth, who became Henry Tudor’s Queen Elizabeth and is the mother of Henry VIII.

Yeah, that’s a lot of women. I’ve only seen the first episode so far but I love it. I loved the books, too, so that helps. Civil Wars are always complicated (which is what the Wars of the Roses were), especially when they’re long, so this is a great way to make sense of that period of British history without trying to make your own genealogy and battle charts.

If you haven’t read the books, they are: The Lady of the Rivers (Jacquetta/Elizabeth), The White Queen (Elizabeth), The Red Queen (Margaret), The Kingmaker’s Daughter (Anne), The White Princess (Elizabeth Tudor). The last book in the series comes out in August.


The Olympics are drawing to a close–I’m sad about how the women’s skating turned out, because I don’t think the Russian girl deserved to win the gold over Carolina from Italy, but whatever…worlds are next month so maybe we’ll get on the podium then!

glad the Russians are out in hockey, glad that Jason Brown had a strong skate in the men’s figure skating final (he finished 9th, but he’s only 19, so I’m hoping to see him again in 2018 in South Korea).

Ladies, have you signed up for the Restore Workshop? It’s being done by one of my favorite bloggers/people, Elizabeth Foss, and it promises to be divine! Six weeks of goodness! What a great Lenten project, girls. Check it out here.


People-it’s WARM. It really is. Snow is melting. There’s grass! and sunshine!

On Wednesday, I did not wear a coat to work. I felt…..subversive. 🙂


A further weather note: You know it’s been a cold winter when you appreciate being able to take out the trash without it requiring coat, hat, gloves, and boots.


2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 39

    • It is SUPER good. I mean, some of it is fictional guessing as to motives, etc. but the history is all right, at least from what I can tell. It’s very, very good.

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