Lenten Practices 7: My plan for Lent

There’s a story I read somewhere about St. Teresa of Avila. One year for Lent, she had an amazing plan–penances, mortification, all these things she was going to do.

She ended up getting sick for all of Lent, and her sisters had to wait on her, as she was confined to her bed.

One day in prayer, she said to Jesus, “Why is this happening? I had so many plans for this Lent and now I can’t do any of them!”

He said, “That was your plan for Lent. This is my plan for your Lent.”

Right now, St. Teresa and I are kindred spirits.

I started this series before I had my regular doctor’s appointment on Monday. Before that, I had planned to give up book buying, as well as Facebook, for Lent, and really focus on my writing, my prayer life, and things of that nature. Then I had my doctor’s appointment, and my Lent became crammed with GI tests, Pulmonary Rehab dates, and possibly surgery (but we won’t know about that until after the GI tests). So my Lent, so to speak, has been determined for me.

I am used to this stuff. I am. I know how a doctor’s appointment can make the world go titled and suddenly everything you had so neatly written in the planner goes out the office window.  I should be used to this by now. But I’m not. I wonder if you ever get used to it?

I have some time before all this starts. The GI testing takes place on March 17–St. Patrick’s day, so the patronal feast day of my parish–and pulmonary rehab starts the say day. Pulmonary rehab is basically exercise with physical therapists, to increase stamina and lung function and show you what sort of program works for you. Generally the sessions included cardio, weights, and stretching/flexibility exercises. There’s also some other components, like Occupational Therapy (if you need it), there’s a psychologist who works with the team, and a dietician. So between me and all these people, we should come up with some sort of plan to get my ridiculous slackerly body into shape.

I’ve always been an “indoor” girl. My brother runs marathons, my sister played tennis for Capital, but I….read. And sing and act and write and shop and travel. I don’t run for fun. Working out, to me, is not pleasurable. It doesn’t given me a runner’s high. I don’t lose weight. I don’t generally like it. But now I sort of have to like it. Or at least tolerate it.

So….that’s my Lent.

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