Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 41



After a lot of stress and worry and crazy, I am so glad it’s 1) March and 2) this particular day in March, because I’m going to see the revamped North American tour of Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom has always been important to me. It was the first professional musical I saw, the first musical that I deeply loved and memorized completely, and it was a gift from my parents after I had my first home IV course, before I went into eighth grade. We had front row seats to that August performance, and I wore a sparkly emerald-green dress that I adored. No, it’s not about deep religious themes, like Les Miserables, but in way, that’s why I like it. I like the romantic sweep, I love the music. Sometimes we just need a love story, and nothing else.


 More “crazy” hits on Monday when the GI testing rounds start, and pulmonary rehab. The test won’t be hard, just not one my list of favorite things to do, and blood work is always fun, especially if my veins decide not to behave (we don’t need a lot so we’re going with a veinipuncture, instead of drawing off my port). Pulm Rehab I’m just used to at this point–but it is fun to meet new people and see veterans that I enjoy. I like just about everyone at Children’s.


We’ve also started a new med–we’re messing with my immunosuppressants right now, so we’ve taken one away, and added another (rapamune is what we’ve added, in case you’re interested). So far, no side effects, touch wood.


I knitted my first wash cloth this week! Last week at Lay Dominicans a fellow chapter member taught me to purl, so I did my first washcloth in stockinette stitch. I feel so accomplished. And it turned out pretty well! I mean it looks like it’s supposed to look! 🙂 So now I want to knit more of them!


Humor from CCD:

Two weeks ago:

Me: What are you giving up for Lent?
Rose: Coffee.

Me: You’re giving up coffee for Lent? You drink coffee?

(I teach first graders)

Rose: Yup. With milk and sugar.


More humor:

Me: (during a review game) Rose, who was the apostle Peter’s brother?
Rose: Umm….
Andrew (Sitting next to Rose, in a stage whisper) Me! Me! ME! What’s my name?
Rose: I don’t know your name, sorry.


I finally saw The Book Thief this week. Such a good movie–and true to the book, in the major events and the ending. Of course the book’s unique perspective can’t quite be matched in a movie, but the performances are wonderful.


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