The Cost of a Curtsey: Court Presentation Expenses: 1907

Sunday History note:
Did you see the end of Downton Abbey season four? Then this will interest you.

Mrs Daffodil Digresses

1907 Court Presentation Gown, from FIDM. 1907 Court Presentation Gown, from FIDM.

London, June 29. The court held this week by King Edward and Queen Alexandra lends interest to the inquiry as to what it costs for a debutante to make her curtsey to the king and queen.

A certain amount of exaggeration has attached itself to the expenditure which is cited as necessary for a court outfit. The all important dress may cost thousands and tens of thousands of collards, but on the other hand, a very dainty little debutante at the last court only spent $25 on her frock. It was made by a good dressmaker and the train was lent by a friend.

A calculation has been made to decide the maximum and minimum cost of a presentation at court. There is, of course, practically no limit to the expenditure, which might be involved. A gown may be sewn with real jewels…

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