Catholic Women’s Daybook No. 54


Outside my window::

Cloudy, been cloudy all day, but it’s fairly warm, so I’ll take it.


Workout clothes, because I just got back from my first pulm rehab session–more on that in the minute.


Re-reading the Austin series by Madeline L’Engle

Medical stuff:

So the big thing today–we started all the testing/pulm rehab at the Resort.

This morning I had a barium swallow test, which actually wasn’t bad because the nurse put in extra Quick. The doctor was really good and has decreed that I have normal digestive anatomy, at least when it comes to my esophagus and stomach. No problems there. So yay (and my vertebrae also looked lovely–when you do this scan you can see the same screen the doctor is seeing, which I enjoy).

This afternoon, I had my first day of pulm rehab, which is basically paper work, PT evaluation, and OT evaluation. I see PT (Her name’s Amy and we’ve worked together before, and we like each other, so that’s good) MWF, but I only see OT once a week.

In general, there are some parts of my body that are being annoying–in general, my lower legs, and my right arm/hand. The Saga of my Hand, in brief, goes like this:

When I had my transplant, an IV that was in my right wrist/arm infiltrated (which basically means the IV drug that was going through the tube ended up going into tissue, and not vein). We thought, for a bit of scary time, that I would lose my right arm (lower right arm), which is doubly scary, because I’m a righty.

Fortunately, I did not lose it. It was burned, badly, but we skin grafted it, and the arm is still attached to me. Happily.

Except–the wrist joint doesn’t work that well, and the hand is a lot weaker than it used to be. This inhibits me when I do workouts I like, like barre classes, some dance, and definitely yoga.

So, PT and OT are going to hopefully craft a plan to fix this, so I can get more strength/use in this area. Because, yeah, it should work better than it does.

The problem with my lower legs is that they’re not all that strong and so they get fatigued and sore really easily, which also inhibits things like walking for exercise (and sometimes just walking in general).

Lots of things that need fixed, apparently.

Around the house::

A lot. I’m trying to do it in small doses. I need an assistant.


Need to meal plan and shop tomorrow, since I don’t have any hospital things happening.


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