So today was a “free day”, which means I did grocery shopping, tidying around the house, paid bills, etc. I also did the meal plan. Since my rehab goes from 3-5 on MWF, I need to have an idea of what I’m making for dinner those nights, or I’ll be running to Chipotle or Wendy’s much more than I should (as great as those places are). Tomorrow I also have a CT with contrast (read: IV will be needed) before rehab.

Tonight for dinner I’m making rainbow salad and buttermilk oven fried chicken, both from Dinner: A Love Story. I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile but it requires: that I remember to make it in the morning (the chicken marinates in a buttermilk mixture) and that I have buttermilk in my house. Since I had both of those, I went for it today!


Lunch: Lemon mustard potato salad from Giada’s Feel Good Food.

Dinner: Creamy onion soup from the Unofficial Harry Potter cookbook.


Thursday is the start of March Madness, and my team (Pitt) plays in the afternoon, so lunch is going to be something east and TBD. I know. I’m bad. Maybe cock a leekie soup from the HP cookbook.Thursday evening I’ll be having movie night with Tiffany.


Lunch: Panko salmon (easy, delicious)

Dinner: Possibly with my parents? Since it’s a Lenten Friday, fish/veggies will be on the menu.

Ideas for the next week:

Southern Italian chicken from Giada, and a salmon recipe.

I am making a concerted effort to get more veggies/fruits in my life, as tonight’s salad attests. It involves red and yellow peppers, purple cabbage, corn, peas, and a bit of salt and butter. The chicken is in the oven right now, and the salad will get warmed through in the last time minutes of the chicken’s cooking time.


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