What’s pulm rehab anyway?

I’ve been talking a lot about pulm rehab here on the blog, but what precisely is it?


Pulmonary Rehab is basically an exercise/nutrition program. At my hospital it runs for about six weeks. You can go either three days a week (MWF) or two days a week (T Th). This time, I’m going MWF, for two hours each time.

My day starts with my Physical Therapist and I working out. Usually that means treadmill but sometimes it means other things (I’ve seen younger kids play with a Wii, for example). We do cardio/strength/flexibility/balance work, with about half of the hour on cardio and the rest of the time on the other things.

Then it’s followed by Occupational Therapy (OT), Nutrition, or Psychology, depending on the day. OT, for me, means working on my right hand which doesn’t like to work now. Nutrition is meeting with a dietician to talk about meal planning, diet (Meaning, what you eat, not a diet, diet), things like that. Psychology is pretty self-explanatory, right? 🙂 Sometimes there is also Therapeutic Recreation (as in, how to work exercise into fun things you like) and massage.

The idea behind pulm rehab is to make you stronger in all ways and to get you in an exercise program you enjoy. For me, that’s easier said that done, because I am an indoor yoga/pilates/ballet barre stuff girl. I will never run a marathon; if I’m running at all, it’s because I’m being chased. I do not run.

So the plan is for me to do rehab for six weeks, which takes me to the very end of April. As I’ve mentioned, there’s also other testing in there, so it’s not just pulm rehab all the time. We’re having other sorts of fun! 🙂 But I hope this helps people who aren’t familiar with the process understand what it is.


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