Movies that are better than the books

I know, I know–normally it’s the other way ’round, right? But I saw a friend’s post on Facebook today about books being better than the movies, and I thought about it in reverse. So here’s what I think.


Wizard of Oz (1939): Yes. It’s my favorite movie ever. And it’s better than the book. After the Wizard flies back to Kansas there’s all this other stuff Dorothy and Co. have to do to get Dorothy home. It’s tedious (even though I like the China country). Movie is better. Wizard exits, Glinda enters. Boom!



Gone With the Wind (1939): In the book, Scarlett has a child with each husband. She’s married to Rhett for a lot longer, and there’s all this stuff with Rhett and the child she had with Charles, who was a boy (I think. It’s been awhile since I read the book). The book is so much longer and the movie cuts a lot of that down–and the movie is still long. But, better than the book. There’s also all this stuff about Tara and her sister Sue Ellen getting married and blah blah.



Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007): The movie is SO much better than the book. I think we can all generally agree this is the weakest of the books in the series, yes? All Harry going around being mean to everyone and yelling a lot. The movie is much better and much, much shorter. I was so disappointed in the book.



Prince Caspian (2008): The book is a lot of wandering around and talking. Movie is much better. Yes, they added stuff. I know. It makes it better. Otherwise it’s just walking around and talking. Not cinematic.



3 thoughts on “Movies that are better than the books

  1. I have to disagree about Gone With the Wind. I enjoyed some of the story lines you complained about. Yes, there are a lot of tedious details that are not necessary, but that happens in a lot of older books (even, gasp, Jane!) Of course, I read the book way before I ever saw the movie, so I think that might have had an influence on things. 🙂

    • Ahhh, yes, Abby, I can see how that would be true (seeing the movie after you read the book). My baby sister is named Melanie after the movie, so I’d been watching GWTW since I was about, oh, seven. 🙂 It’s one of my mom’s favorites. I’ve always thought the second half (from the raid at the shantytown onward) was paced…oddly. I just don’t care as much about that part as I do at the beginning (probably because I HATE how Mammy told Rhett that Scarlett wasn’t calling for him. Ohhh that irritates me!).
      Jane, yes. I do like movie versions of S&S that cut out Lucy’s sister, because that’s always like, Jane, come on, we no care. Emma, to me, only gets good when Mrs. Elton shows up. Before that I want to slam Emma against a wall!

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