Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 44



I know, I’m a little late with this today. This week has sort of been taken over by rehab and new habits (thank you power sheets!) and all that stuff–which means not a whole lot of blogging. Oh well. Onward!


Silent retreat starts in about five hours–WHEE! I love silent retreats. I try to get to one every year, because they really are essential to my spiritual well-being. All the silence and pure focus on God is amazing. So, this weekend is the retreat weekend for 2014. How can I pray for you? Leave notes in the combox. 🙂


I found this on Facebook: 26 Types of English Majors. I was/am 5,6, 8, 13, 14, 20, 21 (SO ME), and 25 (SO Me–wrote my senior thesis from 8 PM-2 AM the night before it was due). Oh, good times in college. Being an English major is still awesome!


Rehab continues apace. It was hard this week, not gonna lie. But today I’m meeting with the dietician, who will give me a meal plan to try out next week, and then I have Physical Therapy at 3:00. It’s a bike riding day since we did two days of treadmill work this week. Next week I am also determined to go to yoga class.


Next week is also the week I turn 32. Thirty two. Holy cow. Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m a grown-up, and, you know, in my thirties.


Yesterday my mom and I did some major house work. I got a new vacuum and I sort of love it. I voluntarily vacuumed the entire house. That’s sort of unheard of for me. That’s how much I love this thing. We also started organizing my spare room closet, which is a dangerous pastime, but hopefully it won’t be so bad once we’re done with it.


As I write this, it’s no longer raining. It’s rained for about two days straight, so seeing sun is an amazing thing.


3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 44

  1. I was an English major! I cranked out some passable forced poetry in that space at 3 a.m. after pushing through the falling-asleep wall of an all-nighter. Good memories.

    I hope you’re enjoying your silent retreat! I’ve only been on one, but it was pretty fantastic.

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